Chapter 681: Things turn black when they’re near the ink (Part Two)

Mother Lin looked at Lin Dong in embarrassment. “Little Dong, how many years will it take to go back and work for your master?”

Lin Dong smacked his lips: “According to the amount of 100 million he gives me to cover daily expenses every year, this time, my brother wanted me to come up with 300 million, which means I’ll spend 3 years working for him.”

 Lin Dong and Mother Lin were shocked. “Your master gives you 100 million per year?”

Luo Yi smiled. “Usually more and never less.”

Mother Lin: “Then Little Dong, are you willing to help your brother out with this?”

Lin Dong nodded. “How could I not? After all, he’s my brother. I’ll take the three hundred million out of my own pocket and ask my master to lend it to you. I guess when he finds out, he will immediately let me rush back to see him.”

“Then, Little Dong, brother, I’ll thank you for this time and the last time with Bureau Director Liu. Once I’m rich, you’re welcome to spend my money,” Lin Hu said.

“Mom, I have another thing I want you and Dad to do here.” Lin Dong felt that if he was going on missions with his Master again, he probably wouldn’t return to Huaxia. And according to Lin Hu’s investment situation, he was very uneasy. Lin Dong wanted to do something more stable.

Mother Lin: “Just say what you need me to do.”

“It’s like this, you also know that our Mandala products are going to be targeted towards the high-end market, so we won’t be mass producing the products. How about you and dad register an online store, and every quarter before the new product pre-sales, you guys can sell the first batch and make some profit. However, do not ever go below the market price.”

Mother Lin was overjoyed. “Is this okay? Won’t your master disagree with this?”

Lin Dong: “He would definitely know this time about me taking money out for my brother. But that’s not all. I’ll at most endure a few punches when I go back. I’ll go back and receive my punishment. After all, my brother’s company is not stable. Once you and dad get the distribution rights, you can do it as an online store.” 

Lin Dong looked at Luo Yi as he asked, “Big Brother Yi, do you think the headquarters will blame me for doing this?’

Luo Yi raised his eyebrows to finish the play with him, “What do you think?”

“Alright, Mom, that’s settled. I have other guests coming today and I ‘m afraid I can’t send you off.”

Lin Hu and Mother Lin nodded quickly. “It’s okay, we don’t want to trouble you anymore. Work hard for your master.”

Lin Dong nodded and asked his secretary to send the two away before he smiled at Luo Yi. “Big Brother Yi, hurry up and call my master.”

“For what?” Luo Yi was stunned.

Lin Dong smacked his lips. “Tell him that I’m in a bad business with my family because of my brother’s company matter, and I’m very unhappy in Shangcheng now.”

Luo YI opened his eyes wide. “F*ck, so you were using me!”

Lin Dong chuckled. “Please, Big Brother Yi.”

Luo Yi then realized something. “I noticed that you’re as scheming as the boss nowadays.”

“Things turn black when they’re near the ink!” Lin Dong laughed shamelessly.

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