Chapter 682: Don’t you want to find out the truth? (Part One)

– M Nation –

– Department of Strategic Defense –

A couple of officers were coming back from a meeting at the White House, and while in the car, the assistant whispered in the minister’s ear.

The minister’s expression changed dramatically. “What did you say?”

Assistant: “The first batch of soldiers who went undercover as Blackwater agents were attacked. Only thirteen of them survived out of the entire army, they are now back at the headquarters.”

Minister: “I just reported to the president about our strategic target, and you’re telling me the entire army was defeated? Get me back there right now, I’m going to find out what’s going on.”

The car drove straight over towards the Strategic Department and then headed over to a more discreet meeting room.

There were twelve people sitting inside, and all of them were somewhat dispirited. None of them saluted when they saw the minister come in.

The minister found it hard to believe that the spirit of these men had been beaten up like this.

“What, have you forgotten basic military protocol?” the minister said.

Then, only one soldier who still had some sense stood up and saluted, “John of the 28th Squadron of the 6th Battalion, Minister.”

The minister nodded and looked behind him at the soldiers who were sitting with their heads down and their faces emotionless. He asked John, “Aren’t there 13 of them? Why are there only twelve of you?”

John laughed bitterly. “That man couldn’t take the shock, he broke down and went a little insane. We brought him home and took him to the hospital right away because we were afraid of missing the best time to save him.”

The minister was surprised and looking at the other eleven, he asked, “So the eleven of you aren’t crazy, are you? If you’re not crazy, then get your sh*t together and tell me what’s going on! You’re elites from all six battalions, how come… you’re the only ones left?”

At this point, one of the eleven soldiers with their heads down simply took off his hat and said, “Sir, if you’re questioning us and still want us to go back into the Land of Mercenaries, I think I’ll think about my future.”

The minister was stunned. “What do you mean?”

The other ten raised their eyes to him and said in unison, “We choose to retire!”

“What the hell happened?” The minister felt bizarre.

John then said reluctantly, “Do you believe in ghosts? It’s the kind of thing that is very horrifying and horrifying. Sir you must be curious or don’t understand why our elite division was all defeated in one night with no fight back at all. We might have died too if we had stayed in that hellhole, too many people died in the land of the mercenaries, and so many that there were a lot of spooky stories about what had happened there.”

“Ghosts?” The minister raised his eyebrows at them. “Are you making up a story? Is that a reason or excuse for your defeat?”

“Sir, we won’t make excuses for defeat, but if you still want us to go back to that hellhole, we’d rather be legally punished,” the other soldiers said.

Some followed. “It wasn’t even human! We never saw what was on the other side the whole time, but our guys were under control and some soldiers suddenly lost their mind and shot at our own people. The others just detonated their own grenades for no apparent reason to die with their comrades! Sir, would you believe me if I said there was a tank with no operator in it and it was targeting and shooting on its own?”

“Three commanders, two military experts, two officers; seven of them in total, died by the bullets of one officer, who then suddenly took his pistol, pointed it at his own head and killed himself! Then the whole barracks was filled with people detonating suicide bombs, some with guns in their hands pointing at their own heads as if they were playing a game of killing each other! Almost everyone was mad, the whole time we had no idea why this was all happening. The patrolling tank outside bombarded our own home base, and when we rounded them up to look inside, there was no one there! It was a Ghost Tank!”

A few of the soldiers shook their heads in fear.

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