Chapter 683: I feel like the Death Reaper has its eyes on us (Part One)

The twelve deserters were reassigned to a new battalion of soldiers.

In fact, they had no choice. If they refused, they would be treated as deserters and their lives would be considered over. So the commanders decided to give them a chance to redeem their crimes.

However, when they went to the barracks to report in, almost every one of the 180 soldiers who were there had mockery in their eyes. Although they did not say anything to the 12 new arrivals, the soldiers were talking about deserters and how they were disgraceful to the country while they were eating in the cafeteria.

John and the others had to leave the cafeteria as they didn’t feel like eating anymore, and they were called into the office.

That officer directly called over some authoritative scientist to explain to them.

“You are the country’s elite soldiers; it would be too humiliating and too much a loss for a country if you were to go insane because of a single defeat. So, I have specially invited experts from Harvard University. They will explain to you the problems you are experiencing.”

Those experts pushed their glasses and came over to these twelve soldiers who needed mental relief and psychological consultation. “I read over your statements that the tank was firing without anyone operating it. My thoughts are that the tanks could be controlled remotely by a system, because with the current level of technology, drones and unmanned vehicles are everywhere and it is not difficult to control the tanks. It looks like in this country, there’s still a big problem with the fundamental knowledge of the soldiers.”

John’s other comrades expressed some anger at his statement. “So how do you explain our own people shooting at their comrades, Professor? How do you explain the fact that someone detonated a grenade on themselves and committed suicide? Could they also be intelligently controlled by a remote system? We’re not stupid, we know all of this common sense. And this time, to not attract the attention of other countries, all the fighter jets and tanks we used were not state of the art equipment currently being used. They were all old ones that did not have an intelligent operating system. May I ask how they could be controlled remotely?”

“Calm down.” The new officer waved his hand.

A couple of the experts took out a set of data right away. “We’ve detected some traces of a powder on you. Indicating that your mental state may have something to do with you eating this stuff, so maybe you were hallucinating?”

John and the others were furious.

“How many people can endure night after night in that place with not even a single bird flying around and that kind of bad weather? Even if we weren’t under those circumstances, and we were back home, isn’t it normal to eat these things? We’re all adults, don’t look for objective reasons. Do you all not believe us? Well, we’d like to take you in this time, to see if the dead bodies and the base camp were really what we said they were, and if you old guys can afford to go along.”

“We’re scholars, of course we’ll go for some first-hand data. We really want to use the power of science to explain to you that there’s nothing in this world that can’t be explained,” several experts said.

John: “Okay, then we’re willing to lead the way, but only to the place where our comrades died so we could take their bodies back to the country.”

The officer: “That’s fine, and you guys better not get upset and disturb our soldiers in any way.”

John: “No problem.”

– A few days later –

They reorganized themselves and went into the Land of Mercenaries again under the name of the Blackwater Mercenaries.

This time, they sent five military strategists, two generals, and about two hundred men, twice the number of people as before. This time, there were more people and they separated into three troops to sneak into the Land of Mercenaries.

But every time they sneaked in; they didn’t escape the eyes of the Deviant Corp.

Li Wei was currently in charge of the intelligence, with Dulson by his side as they explored the M Nation area.

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