Chapter 684: Let’s collect their protection fee first (Part One)

 Xu Cheng was overseeing the progress of the underground project, and it was close to finishing.

Hawking looked at the progress and sighed. “I never thought that you would be able to successfully take control of this country, I’ve underestimated you. I also never thought that you could really build such a large underground complex here, but I must tell you that the quantum weapon experiments are not done overnight. This can be very costly, so you should be prepared.”

Xu Cheng smoked his cigarette and nodded. “I’m ready, I’m bound to conquer the Land of Mercenaries. Sooner or later in the future, when we get to that point, this quantum core will be our biggest advantage.”

Hawking smiled bitterly. “I’m afraid that by the time our team has researched and developed it, other countries would have developed it as well. You know that antimatter and quantum technology is not just my speciality, those students of mine have already advanced beyond me. They are all working for countries around the world, who are more rich and powerful while we still have to use our resources carefully. So, you must prepare for the worst. “

“It’s okay, just do your best, I’m only afraid that you’ll give up halfway. You must trust me.”

“I still don’t have faith in you.” Hawking laughed. “You know that someone who dares go against a whole country hasn’t been born yet, especially if this country is the M Nation. Historically, places like the I Nation and S Nation were where these warlords were born, but you know what happened to them in the end. They all had miserable endings.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be miserable or not.” Xu Cheng said calmly, “But whoever wants me to die, I will make them die in a worse way. Let’s see about that, maybe you haven’t fully seen what I am capable of. Not just bombing the M Nation, but I could make the president vanish from the face of the earth!”

“Like what happened to me, right?” Hawking grinned. “By the way, didn’t my disappearance get any attention?”

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