Chapter 685: The man who can manipulate the war? (Part One)

– M Nation – 

– Socialist Party Headquarters –

Jerry smoked his cigarette as he stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass window and paced back and forth looking at the scenery outside.

The conference table behind him was seated with officers and core members of the Socialist Party; those who were attending the meeting were the ones with certain connections and backgrounds in the M Nation.

Stenson represented Xu Cheng and was the biggest sponsor in the Socialist Party at the moment, so he was entitled to have a seat at the table.

He looked around at the members and they all looked bad, so he broke the silence and asked curiously, “Don’t tell me that the Socialist Party is planning to withdraw from this election? Senator Jerry, I haven’t seen you making speeches around the states lately; it seems that your initiative has gone down. Are you not confident?”

Jerry smoked on his cigarette and shook his head. “No such thing Mr. Stenson, don’t worry about it.”

Stenson: “I’m just worried whether my boss’s money’s down on the wrong bet. In fact, I’ve already heard that the president will be re-elected for another four years.”

The core members present at the table all turned slightly pale; they were afraid that their biggest sponsor would suddenly withdraw their funds. The amount of money spent on each election within any party could reach up to several hundred million dollars, and someone had to pay for this cost. It was just like an investment, and several hundred million dollars was not a small amount, nor something an ordinary person could afford to give. So once they’ve caught one, they would not want to let go so easily.

“Mr. Stenson, that is just a rumor. We admit that there’s high support for the current government, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be re-elected.”

Stenson smacked his lips. “Okay folks, I’m also an authentic citizen here and I know no less than you the odds of getting re-elected. Basically if their first term was good, then it’s certain that they will go on for a second term.”

Senator Jerry was anxious. “Mr. Stenson, you can’t pull out at this time, our Socialist Party is in need of a boost today.”

Stenson crossed his legs and smoked a cigar as he asked, “Let’s be honest, what’s the best way to keep them from being re-elected?”

Jerry and the others looked at each other but didn’t say anything.

“Failed policies, harming the interest of the nation, or damaging the benefits of the citizens.”

Stenson: “Does a defeat in war count?”

Jerry pinched his brows. “What wars are there nowadays? For the M Nation.”

Stenson said, “So if they were defeated in a secret war, and it was a total defeat, does that count as failure in the decision making of the government?”

“They would definitely get criticized.” Jerry said, “The point is that the M Nation has only been in a rough relationship with the I Nation a few years back, and we’ve been at peace with them for the last two years. “

Stenson suddenly took a document out of his bag and put it on the table. “Destroy it after reading it.”

Jerry took it over and tore open the seal to read over the document, and he looked slightly shocked.

It was a top secret document outlining their military deployment to the Land of Mercenaries. It had a list of the soldiers involved in this war, and a detailed account of the deaths of more than a hundred soldiers overnight, with all of the casualties missing corpses. It was the most shameful record of defeat for the M Nation. 

Jerry questioned after reading it over, “When was this?”

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