Chapter 686: No other countries allowed to interfere in the Land of Mercenaries (Part One)

 – The Land of Mercenaries –

The M Nation soldiers decided in the end to leave that area and intended to go deeper.

However, they were stopped by Diesel, Vala, and Li Wei half way there.

The three of them drove a jeep and parked it across the road from where the M Nation soldiers were.

Li Wei stayed in the car while Vala and Diesel stood in front of the car. The two lit up their cigarettes and stood in the middle of the road on the highway.

The head general of the M Nation soldiers looked at them and asked, “What is the meaning of this?”

Diesel looked at him and said, “Is it your first day around here?”

The general had heard that there were many rules in the Land of Mercenaries and was afraid of accidentally exposing the fact that they were actually not mercenaries, so he tried to disguise themselves as he answered, “We have indeed been here for a short time, is there anything we should know of?”

Diesel: “You broke three rules. First, you passed the number of people an independent mercenary corps can have. Second, you didn’t pay tax to the landlords in this district. Third, you’re not allowed to go deeper into the region.”

The general saw how there were only three men and didn’t take them seriously. “Who are you people?”

Diesel: “We are part of the Continental Mercenaries! Now that the Continental Mercenaries occupy three-fifths of the territory, strictly speaking, the Land of Mercenaries should follow the rules of the Continental Mercenaries since that’s the majority.”

The General looked at his soldiers behind him who seemed somewhat angry and looked back at Diesel and his allies. “First, we will not disband to reduce our numbers. Also, since we are all here, then we shall rely on our abilities to survive. There are already many rules in the outside world; if we are still expected to abide by the rules in this land, well that’s something we will not cooperate with.”

Vala snickered. “It’s okay for you to unite together for self-defence. However, there is an unwritten rule in the Land of Mercenaries: there can only be ten to twenty people for any mercenary corp that has not yet been registered. Those that have been registered can have no more than a hundred armed men. I’m afraid that there’s about two hundred of you here, am I correct? Tell me, which mercenary corps are you from?”

“The Eagle Mercenaries.” The general randomly made one up.

Diesel shook his head. “I don’t care which mercenary corps you are from, because since the Continentals have taken control of three-fifths of the territory, there shall not be a second mercenary corps in the area. Nor can you have a mercenary corps that exceeds a hundred people on this land. Ever since the four mercenary clans were exterminated, the mercenary corps with more than a hundred people like that Cheetahs, or Flying Eagles, and all the others have all been exterminated as well.”

The general’s brows furrowed. “So you’re saying, if we don’t conform to the rules here, we’ll be exterminated as well?”

Vala said in a high-pitched voice, “That’s right! You also have to pay taxes and fees, and if you calculate by headcount, you will need to turn over twenty million for the first quarter.”

The general raged. “If we had the money, why would we be here at all?”

Diesel: “So no money, right? Where did you get the car if you have no money? And where did you get all this stuff in your truck? Where did you get the guns without money? It’s alright if you’ve got no money; we’ll seize your supplies and guns, and you just have to follow the rules when you’re in the Continental Mercenaries area. No matter what country you are fugitives from, you will be protected here equally. There’s no need to arm yourselves at all.”

The general clenched his fists and looked at Diesel stubbornly. “I take it you don’t understand human language. As I said, there is no way we’ll cooperate. This is the Land of Mercenaries, so if you’ve got anything, let’s talk after we fight.”

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