Chapter 687: The Best Candidate of the M Nation Council (Part One)

It would be a huge embarrassment if an army loses a general and couldn’t destroy the enemies to avenge the death. 

There were more than thirty soldiers who were wounded and killed by the gunfire, but over a hundred and sixty of them chased after Li Wei’s vehicle.

With the continuous shots fired at Li Wei, the windows on their vehicle soon shattered.

Diesel complained as he dodged the bullets. “I’m starting to miss Chekhov a little bit, because we would definitely not get hit by bullets if we were in his car.”

Li Wei: “You can just f*cking tell me that I suck at driving. Let me tell you that Mario had called and said that when he followed Chekhov to go save Caesar and Richie, Mario puked the entire way. If there is a chance to go to the metropolis in the future, you should get a feel of how Chekhov drifts three times without panting.”

When a bullet flew past Diesel’s cheek, he yelled on the spot. “Vala, are you not going to let the fighter jet out?”

Vala was hiding in a peaceful place. “Don’t worry, you’re not out of the valley yet. It’s not a good spot for the fighter jets.”

When their car got out of the valley, Vala saw a dozen cars pursuing them and picked up the radio. “Come out and greet them with a gift.”

Two fighter jets without any identifiable marks suddenly appeared on either side of the valley, ready to close off the exit.

These two fighter jets were well known by the three military experts.

“Sh*t, turn around!” someone shouted.

But it was too late as the fighter jets blasted down missiles, blowing five SUVs into pieces and the soldiers in the cars were as dead as they could be.

Having seen the explosion ahead, the vehicles behind them immediately braked and were ready to turn around and leave. However, the fighter jets had a lock-on system, and the missiles chased after those groups of vehicles.

A few vehicles were caught up by the missiles and blew up instantly, one car after another exploding in flames.

All the vehicles chasing after them exploded with no survivors on board.

Those soldiers who didn’t come out of the valley, having been hiding, all looked shocked as ever.

They didn’t expect that the Land of Mercenaries could be so chaotic, that this level of warfare was no less than any of the large-scale battles they had fought before.

They hid in the jungle area of the valley and escaped the tank bombardment, but it also meant that they would have to abandon their vehicles, take the supplies, hide, and then get out of here. Because if they were to drive, the fighter jets waiting outside would be ready for them, and that was simply not an option.

“These guys are crazy, all this f*cking fuss with the tanks and fighter jets for just a $2 million protection fee. We should have just given them the money, and we wouldn’t have lost over a hundred of our comrades,” a group leader cursed as he cleaned his wounds by the river.

They didn’t expect the people here to be so crazy.

They were in negotiation just a moment ago, and the next second, they took out someone with a bullet to the head!

They had simply no regard for life or human rights, was the Land of Mercenaries really this crazy and chaotic?

“Captain, the toll is out. We have a total of 68 people left, not including the MIAs, and there are 21 soldiers injured.”

The captain looked at the surviving ones who belonged to John’s group and asked, “Have you encountered these guys before?”

John and the others shook their heads. “We didn’t have that many people. There were less than eighty of us, so we didn’t get their attention.”

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