Chapter 688: Intelligence Information (Part One)

In the M Nation parliament, Senator Jerry was holding a document that impeached the current government.

His sudden speech broke the peaceful atmosphere and everyone turned their eyes to the president.

Senator Jerry said, “At this point, I ask Mr. President to give us an explanation as to why he chose to station troops in the Land of Mercenaries.”

President felt that his prepared draft was no use, and he suddenly didn’t know what to say. He looked at Jerry and thought, Why aren’t you dead yet? Didn’t you get cancer? What a troublemaker.

However, what he said was different. “Isn’t that obvious? The crude oil in the Middle East accounts for half of the world’s reserves. Although they are not counted as a powerful country, do not forget that most of the national debt is in their hands. These landowners do not take money seriously and they lead us by the nose. Our country cannot be in this situation, so what’s the problem with stationing troops in the country owning the second largest reserve of crude oil, in the Land of Mercenaries??”

“There’s no problem,” Jerry said.

“Then what more do you have to say?”

Jerry took out a document. “I have received an intelligence report that accuses you of covering up the two defeats in the Land of Mercenaries. This is very unfair to the soldiers who lost their lives, and I also heard that there are still seventy soldiers on the run today. Do you not care about their lives, Mr. President?”

The President’s expression changed slightly. “Jerry, you must take responsibility for your words.”

“I have the list of the casualties here. If you don’t believe that the President had ordered these people into the Land of Mercenaries, then you can check in the National Database to see if these people on my list belong to the military. In addition, their passports all have a record of going to one place, and there were two trips made in total. Once was with 80 men, the second time with two hundred men; and more than two hundred men lost and sacrificed in the defeat. I ask the President, what benefit have you brought to the M Nation from this battle?”

“Uh…” The president was speechless.

To be exact, he had nothing to say because there were no benefits gained.

After a long time, he said in a rough tone. “Senator Jerry, I’m asking you to clarify the situation. Are you the president, or am I? You haven’t even been elected yet, so whatever I do is decided through the parliament and you have no right to interfere.”

“I have no intention of interfering with your decision, but I have an obligation to let everyone know what you’re doing wrong. Your negligent decision to send troops to the Land of Mercenaries was clearly a pointless act, and if this gets exposed, it will be no different than the previous scandal with the I Nation.”

The president slammed the table and said in a deep voice, “Jerry, I ask you to consider how much of a consequence there would be to our national image if this gets exposed.”

Jerry: “You’re wrong, they would be disappointed in your decision as a president and not the image of the M Nation.”

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