Chapter 689: Kush’s Surprising Secret (Part One)

Stenson went to Chekhov and relayed the information. 

Chekhov sent him away afterwards, and Mario waited for Chekhov to come back before he said, “Shall we go back? I feel like we could get ready for a big fight again!”

Chekhov rolled his eyes at him. “How do we get back? Now that you and I are citizens of the M Nation, and our identities have been documented, do you think Mandala’s background wouldn’t be linked to the Land of Mercenaries? There will be an investigation on this.” 

Mario looked frustrated. “If I’d known, I wouldn’t have fcking wanted this shtty citizenship.”

Chekhov: “The boss left us here with a purpose. For example, like now, we could get the results and report back to home base as soon as possible.” 

Mario was a battle fanatic and his limbs felt especially itchy knowing that there was a battle back home and he could not get involved; staying here made him feel rusty. 

“I feel like I’m going to go crazy.” Mario sighed as he tilted his head up.

“It’s okay, I’ll find you someone to let off some steam tonight.” Having said that, Chekhov went and reported back home about the information he got from Senator Jerry about the meeting tonight.

Meanwhile, in the Land of Mercenaries, the one in charge of connecting with Chekhov was Li Wei. He was now in charge as the head of the Intelligence Bureau, and all of this information was within his scope of work.

He sat in the car with Xu Cheng as they headed for Kush’s territory.

Kush greeted them at his office.

Li Wei said straightforwardly, “The M Nation has a plan to use peacekeeping forces as an excuse to station troops in this place. By then, this unclaimed land would be divided among the major five countries in the UN.”

Kush’s expression seemed a bit heavy.

Xu Cheng looked at him without speaking, seeing if Kush was still going to endure this.

“Do you have any opinions?” Kush looked up at Xu Cheng and asked.

“My attitude and choice has been clear as always, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken out the two M Nation troops. The fighter jets you were afraid are now in our hands, and everything is just fine, isn’t it? If you don’t establish a temporary government, then the peacekeeping forces will step in and help run this country, and by then there’s no telling of what measures they will take to make peace. You were the one who destroyed the original government, and yet you hide away, refusing to stand up for this territory. What do you live for?”

The pen in Kush’s hand snapped into two halves.

He gritted his teeth and looked up at Xu Cheng. “You don’t even understand what it’s like to go against the M Nation.”

“I don’t want to understand.” Xu Cheng crossed his legs and said impatiently, “All I know is that I don’t want anyone to take what belongs to me! It’s normal for people to fear death, but there are some boundaries that should be defended, even if it means death!”

Kush: “I’m not afraid of dying, I’m just afraid that when the M Nation actually stations their troops here, it would be devastating to my men. You know that there’s a real difference between mercenaries and trained soldiers of a country, aside from the difference in strength. There’s also a gap in our equipment and weaponry!”

Xu Cheng: “You are in charge of three-fifths of the territory but you don’t declare your position. Watch, the first thing the peacekeeping force will do is to take your men down because you’re the largest armed force here!”

Kush leaned back in his chair with a heavy expression, he thought and struggled for a very long time.

After a while, he looked at Xu Cheng and said, “Do you know why I was against what you wanted me to do before? Because I didn’t trust you enough, and I’m afraid that you’ll use me as a gun. If I get destroyed, then there will be no one left who can really make decisions for this land, and by then you and the country behind you will profit! But after I saw that you exterminated the M Nation’s forces twice and even stole their fighter jets and tanks, I thought I might be able to trust you for once.”

Xu Cheng: “You’re so damn cautious. If I want to use you as a gun, why don’t I find an obedient one instead of saving your life?”

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