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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Condition

After Lin Chuxue hung up, she looked at her watch. There were only 20 minutes until the start of the match. Even the gang leader of North Gate had already arrived, but where was Xu Cheng?

In fact, it wasn’t just her that was confused, but also the police director as well as those from the 8th Military Region. They were all looking around to see where Xu Cheng was.

Lin Chuxue prayed in her heart, It’s good for him to not come too. It’s in line with his temper of always running away, but that way he can also survive.

Ran Jing: “Will he come?”

Shen Yao: “Although I’m very scared that he will die if he loses, since he accepted the deathmatch challenge, I will despise him if he doesn’t show up.”

Lin Chuxue: “Perhaps he’s not coming, judging by his temper.”

Ran Jing and Shen Yao turned their face to Lin Chuxue in shock. “By his temper? It seems like you know a lot about Xu Cheng?”

Lin Chuxue immediately blinked her eyes and replied, “No, I just felt that since the gang leader of North Gate is quite famous, maybe Xu Cheng thought things through these two days and decided not to come.”

Ran Jing lifted her head and then saw a figure standing upright at the entrance of the stadium. That 1.9-meter-tall figure stood there tall and sturdy, blocking part of the sunlight shining in so people immediately noticed him.

She said, “He’s here.”

The other two girls immediately looked towards the entrance and saw Xu Cheng. After he finished his last puff on his cigarette, he threw it into the trash and then walked in. As he walked, he took off his jacket, revealing a white vest inside as he directly walked towards the stage.

Inside this big stadium, the chairs were arranged so it surrounded the stage in the center and the platform climbed higher the further away the chairs were from the stage. When Xu Cheng walked down the stairs and came onto the stage, Gate Master Yang sat there with his arms crossed and eyes closed, resting.

Xu Cheng looked around from the stage, not expecting to see that Lin Chuxue was actually here as well. Although she was in a hat and a pair of sunglasses, he could recognize her right away.

When the director’s eyes met with Xu Cheng’s, the director faintly nodded his head.

“Although I don’t know him well, just judging by how he had the balls to offend the West Gate casino’s people, I knew he would come today,” Shen Yao said with a gorgeous smile as she looked towards Xu Cheng.

Lin Chuxue also looked at Xu Cheng, and she mumbled, “He really changed.”

Ran Jing and Shen Yao were confused again. “Wait, what?“

Lin Chuxue quickly changed the topic again. “Nothing, I just feel like he’s really courageous.”

That blonde brat Lin Dong stood up, waving and refreshing his sense of presence.

“I bet my money on you! I bet all of my allowance and savings on you!” he shouted.

“Is that brat retarded? Betting his money on that patrol officer?” at the scene, Young Master Yun and the others all sneered.

The other people all scornfully smiled, “He’s too young and naive, it’s natural that he doesn’t know about the past of the Gate Master Yan. In the past, the number of pro fighters died in his hands were countless. If he’s not powerful and brutal, then he wouldn’t have been able to create North Gate. In the past when the laws weren’t as strictly enforced, everyone looked up to the North Gate.”

“Yeah, betting money on Xu Cheng’s like throwing it away. A camel dead from starvation is still bigger than a horse. Although Gate Master Yan’s no longer in his prime, he’s still more than enough to deal with this patrol officer.”

“Lin Dong, sit back down,” his brother scolded him.

Lin Dong then gave those people a middle finger before sitting down.

At this moment, Gate Master Yan opened his eyes, and he saw Xu Cheng already in front of him with his jacket off. He said to Xu Cheng, “There are still 10 minutes left, do you have any last words?”

Xu Cheng couldn’t hold in his laughter, and he said calmly, “Respecting the elderly and loving the young is the virtue of our nation. Last words should be something I ask from you.”

Gate Master Yan laughed. “I have a sentence to give you. Today, the elder will see the youngster die before him.”

Xu Cheng wasn’t nervous at all. “I also have something to say to you. If the grim reaper wants you to die by midnight, you won’t live to see another day. Your time is up.”

Gate Master Yan still had a smile on his face. “Nice, you are quite witty with your words, let’s see if it matches your true strength.”

Xu Cheng asked with an indifferent tone, “You have probably seen the video of me beating up your men, right?”

Gate Master Yan: “Of course, I won’t be arrogant enough to underestimate anyone. I gave you the deathmatch invitation because I recognize your qualification to be my match. But, I want to say, what you displayed in that video lacked one thing, and it’s mercilessness.”

“That’s for sure, because I’m a police officer. No matter how wrong one is, if the law didn’t sentence him to death, then we are not obligated to kill them. This is what’s different between you and me, and it’s the biggest reason I have to kill you today. Your existence has severely affected public order, and I guess you haven’t been able to reach a breakthrough in all of these years.”

Gate Master Yan frowned. “How are you so sure?”

Xu Cheng: “Because you could never let it go. Not North Gate, but your thirst for blood. You have never achieved inner peace.”

Gate Master Yan grinned. “You are right, but I’m planning to end everything here on you, that’s why I initiated the death match. I hope you don’t fall too easily and let me thoroughly vent my thirst for blood.”

Xu Cheng looked at him and said, “Before we fight, shouldn’t you declare your attitude towards everyone, including the representatives of the other three Gates, of what happens if you lose? You know the police won’t make big moves to lay their hands on North Gate, and the solution to the problems are you guys that are leading the crimes.”

Gate Master Yan pondered for awhile, and then he loudly said to all of the witnesses around him, “If today I lose, North Gate will disband on the spot and never exist again!”

This speech immediately attracted the opposition of the core management members of North Gate. They shouted, “Then what happens if Xu Cheng loses? Shouldn’t your officials sign the land title document that supposedly belongs to North Gate?”

The police and city officials became silent.

This document was the right to build. North Gate had been occupying the land and not wanting to relocate, nor were they willing to let other real estate companies take over. And, the government, of course, wouldn’t issue these documents to help them grow.

The entire area occupied by North Gate was very big, and many real estate companies wanted to bid every year, but no one dared due to the presence of North Gate. The city officials hesitated, and the police director hesitated even more. If he didn’t call his friend at the 5th Military Region, then he would be extremely confident in Xu Cheng. But after talking to the instructor at the 5th Military Region, he found out what happened to Xu Cheng. If Gate Master Yan really won and got the right to build in their territory, North Gate could for sure reap the benefits of this development project and rise. By then, he would become the target of public criticism.

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    that’s bullshit. why should officials sign it? it was Xu cheng who Challanged them, not the government…

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