Chapter 690: Descendants of the Dragon (Part One)

Xu Cheng lamented. “Someone planned something out for this long just for money?”

“Of course.” Kush said, “because it’s a downright capitalist game! Investigated him using the intelligence system over the years, but the information I managed to get is very limited. However, judging from the equipment and weaponry he provided me with, I’m afraid this guy has a background or relationship with the M Nation government. A lot of them did not come from the black market but were directly produced in the M Nation.”

Xu Cheng’s brows pinched. “Then it can be concluded that this guy is working for the M Nation. I just find it strange why he didn’t just choose to attack and eliminate the corrupt government here, instead choosing to train you to do so?”

Kush: “Because the M Nation government knows that domestic unrest would cause other countries to seek chances. Therefore, they wanted to make their position neutral, so that they would not be involved in any war. At the same time, the other countries would not be allowed to station troops or invade the country for any reason. The M Nation couldn’t do anything, but they were very greedy for the crude oil resources of this country, so they wanted to overthrow it along with its neutral position in politics. By then, they could use more than a hundred reasons to station their troops here. I didn’t know the truth behind this until after I overthrew the government, but I was already a puppet by then. I’ve been managing this small territory to serve the capitalists, and that’s why I can’t establish a government. Once that happens, I will die! That’s why all these years, I’ve just been managing this territory and following the rules; because I can’t show the intention of becoming the leader here. Still, I also don’t want those people to come in and take all the resources.”

Xu Cheng suddenly understood that it made sense why Kush had no ambition to unify this place.

Now to look at it, the man who was controlling him was smart enough not to let him unify so that he could be out of control, and just let him live with this mediocre life.

Kush continued to say, “For those countries with an intelligence system, they are definitely not blind when the M Nation gets so many crude oil resources every year for no reason. This chaotic situation you see in the Land of Mercenaries is the result of those countries interfering. They are creating trouble to warn the M Nation.”

Xu Cheng asked Kush, “Then do you know the name of the guy who trained you? Maybe I can search him up for you.”

“I don’t know what his exact name is, but he always made me call him Mr. R. ‘R’ is probably a codename for him, or perhaps it just represents a new level above the SSS level.”

Xu Cheng said, “R is indeed the rank above SSS! It’s possible that he used his ranking as a codename.”

Kush nodded. “I found out that he knew, or rather, served several older M Nation capitalists. And I think that these names shouldn’t be unfamiliar with you, because they all have Rothschild as their last name!”

Xu Cheng’s pupils contracted.

“Are you sure that this Mr. R you’re talking about serves this consortium?”

Kush: “I’m pretty sure he does. My men had no way to track him. It was like a joke, every single one of them who tried died. He was very good at counter-reconnaissance. How could I have tracked him if he was the one who trained me? So I was already satisfied that I could get this information. Unfortunately, I also gave up resisting and sat here obediently accepting my fate.”

Xu Cheng looked at him and asked, “Then wouldn’t it be better if you just refused my proposal just now? You know that if you establish a government, it will make it impossible for the M Nation to continue their scripted play.”

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