Chapter 691: Those at the top of the pyramid (Part One)

– Zurich, Switzerland –

– A modern castle-like private residence –

Several limited edition Rolls-Royce cars were parked outside the residence’s huge fountain garden.

Meanwhile, inside the castle in a huge guest room, famous paintings from all over the world hung on the walls.

Every painting here was worth a fortune, from medieval paintings to modern oil paintings, it was enough to portray the owner’s status and taste.

The guest room was covered with expensive carpets, with a huge relief sculptured chandelier hanging down from the ceiling.

The chairs were arranged in rows with an orderly manner.

There were a total of seven men sitting around the round table; some had their legs crossed, some were smoking cigars, and some were sipping their coffee.

Whether it was the coffee or the cigars, they were all top-level products.

The youngest of the seven were in their sixties, and the oldest was nearly ninety years old.

The oldest one had a full head of white hair, and he took a sip of the coffee and opened his tired-looking eyes. He then placed the cup on the table as he said, “Lord of Asia (highest position in the Capital Society), I’m afraid that’s not a good idea. You’ve been taking the resources in Europe, but you’re unwilling to share the resources in Asia. Since the lords from all seven continents are here today, let’s make things clear, or else there’s no equality in this.”

The Lord of Asia was from the Wei Nation, and if they were to trace his origin, he was originally the representative of the Shanjing Group back when it was undissolved.

In 20th century Asia, Wei Nation had the most powerful economic origin. Back then, they were so rich that they bought land in the M Nation like crazy and were even more wealthy than the Middle Eastern lords of today. So rich that this founder of a consortium could get a position at the round table. Although the Wei Nation’s influence was gradually replaced by Huaxia, his status and past influence was enough for him to be seated here as one of the lords representing Asia in the Capital Society.

However, it seemed that he was currently having a hard time.

He laughed bitterly hearing what the old Rothchild said, “I need the council to send me some Knights of the Round Table, I feel like someone is trying to screw with me!”

The seven elders went into silence.

“Why do you say that?”

Lord of Asia: “Our council has always been wanting to get Huaxia to join us with its huge market. I’ve been working on this project over these years, and I could even say that I’ve penetrated inside. However, something unexpected came up. I think you all know that ever since that country opened up with reforms, I’ve got in touch with the Four Clans who had great financial backgrounds, right?”

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