Chapter 692: An Uncontrollable Power on the Rise (Part One)

Oldman Rothschild and the other five Lords were very surprised.

The Lord of Asia opened his eyes slowly as his hands clenched harder on the armrests. “I sent someone to kill this man to see what would happen, and my people couldn’t even get close to him. This man’s political status in Huaxia is definitely not as simple as it seems, and we didn’t want to set fire on ourselves and get into a bad relationship with Huaxia, since that would affect our companies as well. However, we also wanted to warn them to not go too far, so I sent someone to assassinate the man’s lover!”

“That’s quite low to get women involved. Since when has a lord fallen to use such a despicable method?” The other lords mocked him.

That was indeed a low move.

However, the Lord of Asia said, “If someone made you lose hundreds of billions of dollars, not just his woman, I bet you’d probably dig out his ancestor’s grave. I didn’t have any other way, he was a very difficult person to approach, and an assassination of such an important political figure would cause backlash from the Huaxia government. I was just warning him, and then the Shanjing Group suffered. Of course, I have not been able to find direct evidence that this was their work, but at that point in time, there was no one except for this person who could’ve done it. Because the man Shanjing Kubo, who was responsible for the assassination led to his entire Shanjing Group to be exterminated.”

Old Man Rothschild shook his head. “Lord Okami, although there is a certain possibility for you to speculate like this, it’s better not to be so certain without evidence. You know that at our level, any suspicion could lead to war.”

The Lord of Asia nodded. “I know, and that’s why I’m requesting that the Knights help me investigate this matter. I’m sure we all wish to get a hold of the market in Huaxia, right? I assure you that if this man is not removed, he could be a disaster later on. We are determined not to allow any powerful entity out of our control, other than the Knights.”

That was when the Lord of Africa interrupted. “There is one guy right now who wants to be freed from our control.”

Old Man Rothschild: “Kush, is it? Word has spread about a temporary establishment of a government in the Land of Mercenaries, and I’ve heard that the people are responding strongly.”

The Lord of Africa slapped the table. “The stronger it is, the more it gets out of our control! Don’t forget that we haven’t mined enough crude oil, and there’s at least one-fifth of the world’s crude oil in that Land of Mercenaries, as well as the diamond mines. Those things are all money, and I won’t allow them to fly away when we just managed to grasp them in our hands. The M Nation’s peacekeeping troops have marched in and achieved a somewhat good result. If he was to establish a government and have a permanent neutral position, that can’t be allowed! We have to get rid of this Kush!”

The Cloffi Family’s representative nodded. “I wanted to ask you about this. The M Nation is threatened by Kush’s sudden move, and Kush is your man. Tell me, what do you plan to do? We won’t harm the refugees and their land, but the resources, the important thing is the resources. The crude oil plus minerals in the Land of Mercenaries is worth roughly in the trillions of dollars, and that’s to be conservative! You must know that it’s because Kush was your puppet all these years that you’ve been able to sit in the position as the Lord of Africa. If he and his resources are out of your control, then you know the consequences.”

The Lord of Africa had sweat running down his face as he nodded. Although everyone sitting at the table were all addressed as Lords, Cloffi and Rothschild were the main people in power in the Capital Society, and he was incomparable to the two. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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