Chapter 693: Mr. R (Part One)

– Land of Mercenaries –

A man in his thirties with a face covered in a beard was riding in a pickup truck.

The driver asked him, “If we bump into any bandits and robbers on the road, you better cooperate with me. By the way, do you have any friends in one of the mercenary corps?”

This western man said, “Yes, in the Continental Mercenaries.”

“The Continental Mercenaries? So do you have their tattoos? If you do, things would be much easier. The gang of robbers will not bother me, and I will charge you less for the ride. It’ll be just $10K and no less than that. You must understand that we’re risking our lives driving down this road to earn some money, a lot of people die here. I could try to greet the regular robbers, give them some bribes, and they’ll let us go. But if we meet those individual ones, then we would need more money.”

The man didn’t answer and asked the driver back, “Have you heard of the Deviant Mercenaries?”

“Deviant? Everyone here has heard of them! But it seems that they have disbanded and disappeared,” the driver said.

“Disappeared?” The man’s brows furrowed. “So have you heard any stories of this group of mercenaries? Are they strong?”

“Very strong!” The driver smacked his lips. “You know the military drill a while ago? The M Nation soldiers were wiped out! If it wasn’t for the Deviant Corp, the winter time on this land would have lasted much longer. So everyone still has a strong affection for the Deviant Corp, and oftentimes, the groups would get into fights but never involve the Deviant Corp Mercenaries, as a way to thank them. Of course, no one would want to mess with the Deviant Corp either, I heard that if you see one of their members in the wild, then you should stay away from them or else you’ll get yourself killed. By all means, in years I’ve been driving down this road, I’ve actually never seen a Deviant Mercenary.”

Man: “Do you recognize their symbol?”

The driver: “I don’t, and there’s no record of it at the mercenary union. Anyways, if you see any symbol you don’t recognize, just run away because it’s definitely the Deviant Corp’s symbol. We call this mercenary group here the Ghost Mercenaries.”

The man nodded.

“Alright, are you here at the Land of Mercenaries as a fugitive?” The driver continued saying, “Then you’ve come to the right place, a temporary government will be established soon, and by then you can become a citizen with a new identity, and you will no longer be a vagabond.”

The man looked away with both eyes aloof. “For me, a vagabond means more freedom. Nationality will give the insecure ones relief, but it would only shackle me.”

The driver was startled for a moment and he sighed. “Who would want to be wandering around if they could have an identity? They’ll just die without knowing who’s going to stand up for them.”

The man: “And so you think it’s safe to become a citizen in some country? When someone is trying to kill you, only money can settle it all whether it’s lawsuits or jail time. To be frank, money is everything in this world.”

The driver shook his head, and after he dropped the man off at the capital town owned by the Continental Mercenaries, he couldn’t help but say to the man, “There are many occasions where you’ve earned the money, but you don’t live to spend it all.”

The man laughed. “Like you, for example?”

Having said that, he took a gun out of his bag and shot the driver in the head!

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