Chapter 694: You guys are the players, I’m NPC (Part One)

Kush looked at the man and said, “To be honest, with your strength and power, you don’t need to work for the capitalists. If you are willing, any country would accept you and you could’ve had a better life.

The man looked at Kush, slightly curling his lips. “We excel at brainwashing, and you are trying to do that to me? Would you believe me if I tell you that our powers are even beyond that of a nation?”

Kush: “Don’t you want to be free?”

“Of course!” The man said bluntly. “That’s why I serve capitalism because capitalism is everything. Does your so-called freedom allow you to kill? Are you allowed to do whatever you want freely? You cannot, can you? No laws in any country would permit you to do so. However, because I serve capitalism, no one will come and arrest me even if I kill anyone; they will instead come and clean up my mess and obliterate the justice system. Which option do you think has more power? “

Kush narrowed his eyes at him. “Do other people’s lives mean nothing to you?”

The man replied sarcastically. “So you have killed fewer people than I have, King of Mercenaries? You, a murderous war machine, are talking to me about mercy? Why do we want to become stronger? Isn’t it just so we can do whatever we want? The moment we took that step, we were destined to be different from the commoners, and we are meant to be superior to them. Do you know the class system? All the blood shed on the way were the paving stones for the class system.” 

Kush: “I thought I was pathetic enough, but I didn’t think that there was someone more pathetic than I am. Those capitalists gave you a little power to kill others, and you’ve lost your humanity to serve them. I guess you must’ve had an unpleasant childhood and must’ve suffered from injustice, and that’s why you hate this world.”

The man did not react to his words and changed the subject. “I’m almost done talking with you. I’m here because I receive orders to keep you hospitalized or send you to the morgue, pick one.”

Kush’s brows narrowed as he flipped his desk at Mr. R, who punched it, shattering it into pieces. He then grabbed Kush by the neck with one hand and pushed him flying out of the third floor window.


The window glass shattered as Mr. R grabbed Kush by the neck and fell to the ground level with him together; Kush was crushed by Mr. R from the sky!

Kush felt like his bones were about to fall apart but then he knocked Mr. R off with a kick to his back. Mr. R rolled backwards, stood up, and turned around to look at Kush, looking at him like a cold heartless murderer. 

Kush bounced back up and stood upright, but before he could recover, Mr. R threw a punch at him trying to kill him and Kush punched right back at him! Both took a few steps backwards from each other’s power. 

However, the shockwave that Mr. R brought to Kush was more intense; Mr. R took three steps back while Kush choked and took five steps back!

Mr. R narrowed his eyes at him. “Well done, you’ve hid your true strength all these years. I didn’t expect you to be halfway into the R rank!”

In fact, if he hadn’t met Xu Cheng, Kush wouldn’t have been halfway to R rank. It was because Xu Cheng had indirectly strengthened some of his genes and cells during the recovery phase, and that excited his cells to an active state, allowing him to surpass the SSS rank and enter into the R Rank. 

Mr. R looked at him and said, “The R rank is not easy, if you are willing to retreat away from here and accept our arrangement, your rank right now would be enough to become one of the Knights and get you access to some advanced privileges.”

Kush: “I’d rather be a rooster’s head than a phoenix’s tail; to be a king here rather than someone’s servant!” 

Mr. R sneered. “But your power of the throne could be easily destroyed by someone else. It is simply too easy to destroy the Land of Mercenaries; we’ll just restrict your exports, as well as impose trade and economic sanctions, and this country will continue to be a developing country for years to come. Sooner or later, there will be civil unrest, and your government will end up like the previous government.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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