Chapter 695: Why does a westerner know internal martial arts? (Part One)

Xu Cheng smiled slightly. “It’s not that I came at the right time, but I have been waiting for you!”

Having said that, Xu Cheng jumped from the third floor swiftly and landed steadily on the ground standing with a straight back.

Mr. R subconsciously took out another dagger.

He sighed: “This visit did not disappoint me, you’re the strongest targets out of my previous assassination missions. Fighting you guys makes me very excited.”

Xu Cheng looked at the daggers in his hands and asked Kush, “He’s got the same weapon style as you?”

Kush laughed bitterly. “I was trained by them, what do you think? I remember you being afraid of this dagger?”

“It was a bit scary,” Xu Cheng said as he suddenly disappeared on the spot. The next moment, he appeared in front of Mr. R, throwing a shadow fist at his chest.

Mr. R blocked his attack with the two daggers, but he was blown away by Xu Cheng’s tremendous brute force and shattered the wall that he slammed into.

When he stood up, he stared at Xu Cheng in disbelief, and blood was overflowing from his mouth as his hands trembled.

He examined Xu Cheng and looked around.

Xu Cheng saw through his thoughts of wanting to flee, so he said, “That was only round one and you are ready to leave? Do you think I’ll let you go now that I’ve exposed myself today?”

Xu Cheng once again rushed in front of Mr. R and threw another punch.

Mr. R blocked it with one arm as he spun the dagger in his other hand and stabbed it towards Xu Cheng’s chest.

Mr. R’s eyes twitched when the dagger didn’t penetrate into Xu Cheng’s flesh and made a ‘Clank’ sound.

He then quickly tried to sweep Xu Cheng’s legs with his foot to make his retreat.

But when he swept his foot over, Xu Cheng’s foot also swept against him!

A cracking sound came out, and R felt a stinging pain from his knee bones, causing his leg to subconsciously retract, and he quickly attacked at Xu Cheng’s face with the two daggers.

Xu Cheng leaned his head back and took half a step backwards when he noticed R’s sweeping leg caused a huge amount of dust to fly into the air, interfering with Xu Cheng’s vision.

However, Xu Cheng activated his penetrating vision, and this dust interference had no effect on him at all.

The Continental Mercenaries surrounded the area and were shooting at the fleeing Mr. R, but Mr. R swung his dagger with some dazzling moves and deflected all the bullets. He endured the pain from his foot as he flipped over a few walls. He was less than 6 feet tall, but he easily climbed up the 12 feet high walls with parkour moves as the bullets hit the sand and gravel on the ground behind him.

Some soldiers were prepared to chase after him in cars.

But Kush interrupted their idea and said, “Don’t chase him, he’ll take out whoever chases after him.”

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