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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 696.1

Chapter 696: Stronger than imagined (Part One)

Kush was shocked when Xu Cheng brought R’s head to the table at his house.

“I didn’t think that you could actually chase him down and kill him. But during today’s encounter, I felt that there was a bit of a gap in strength between this man and the Mr. R who taught me.”

“Was the person who taught you Asian?” Xu Cheng asked Kush straight up.

Kush shook his head and asked, “Why do you say that? You think the Mr. R who trained me was from Huaxia?”

Xu Cheng said to Kush, “The Kung Fu you’ve been practicing, does it focus on the unity of your heart, chi, and mind? If that’s the case, then this Kung Fu culture came from Eastern Huaxia. During wartime in the past, Westerners would always call us the Sick Men of Asia and say we had weak physiques. However, their so-called Sick Men of Asia could easily defeat a built man with simple moves! That’s because we relied on the explosive strength created by our chi and our mind, which is commonly known as internal martial arts! Our culture and history have existed for over five thousand years, and there is early documentation of how we encountered a bottleneck when we were trying to use external forces to train ourselves; for example, a built westerner could only exert thousand pounds of force with his arm strength of explosive power at the most! It was recorded in early Huaxia history that our ancestors exercised this internal martial art in which men become one with the environment. They found that human potential is unlimited a very long time ago, and this potential could sometimes be very vague. Some people could discover this potential unintentionally from a huge stimulus. When a person’s mind is filled with a belief, this belief is called one’s will in internal martial arts. If someone’s potential was to be discovered because of their strong will, then their power would be way terrifying than any external force. It’s not that I look down on the muscular powers, but an expert who relies on strength built from the muscles would never reach the SSS rank, let alone reach the R rank; so there must be internal martial arts involved. That’s why I’m asking if the Mr. R who taught you was from Huaxia.”

Kush shook his head. “I’ve never seen his face; I didn’t know if he’s Asian or not. He spoke fluent English without any accent.”

 Xu Cheng: “What about his height?”

Kush’s eyes brightened up. “He was indeed somewhat modest in height and was only about 1.7m tall.”

Xu Cheng ruled out Little Joker based on the height information.

Little Joker’s strength was probably at the R Rank by now, but he couldn’t have taught Kush in the past. If he was right, the Mr. R that died today was just a trainee!

And that was the scary part, because he had fought the devils of the seven deadly sins who were trained by Little Joker, and they were only at S Rank. This made him wonder how strong that Mr. R was if he trained an R ranked expert!

Xu Cheng felt that things were more complicated than he thought inside the Capital Society, and maybe this force was what allowed them to be above everything else. Xu Cheng suddenly felt lucky that he didn’t let this Mr. R go back alive, or else if he was exposed and had to get into a fight, he might have a hard time winning or even possibly lose.

Kush stared at Xu Cheng and said, “That’s the first time I saw a serious expression on your face. I didn’t expect you to be afraid of anything.”

“I’m not afraid,” Xu Cheng said indifferently.

If Lin Chuxue was here, with her understanding of Xu Cheng and seeing his serious expression with narrowed eyes, she would know that he was more excited and interested than afraid.

He always thought that he would become arch enemies with the Little Joker after being the heir to Zhang Chenfeng, but now it seems that there were others out there in the world who were stronger, and that his Master and the Little Joker were not Huaxia’s only top experts.

He wondered what kind of level expert could join the Capital Society? What if they had infiltrated all around the world?

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  1. Shan

    I hate these secret enemies with unknown strength. These Rothschild are everywhere. I own a mansion in post apocalyptic world, so pure so flirtatious etc. I was enjoying it till now but i want to abandon this novel now.

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