Chapter 697: You can’t collapse, you know? (Part One)

– M Nation – 

– Fifth Division-

A commander met with an elderly person.

This elderly person was obviously Asian.

He was Satan, the commander of the fifth division, and was also known as the Little Joker who escaped from the Dragon Division.

“Your vacation has ended Mr. Satan, there is a mission that needs you.”

Satan had his eyes closed as he listened to the opera coming from the radio he found. 

The commander couldn’t understand it and thought it sounded noisy. The sharp voice of the Peking Opera was too much for him, so he leaned over and turned off the radio.

When the sound stopped abruptly, Satan’s immediately clenched his fists on the armrests, with veins popping out.

The commander swallowed air and had no choice but to turn the radio back on again, but then there was only a rustling sound.

Satan suddenly opened his eyes. “I had such a hard time finding a signal that I could listen to and reminisce about my hometown with. You’re being very rude, you know that? Even though you’re my boss, I can still choose to quit!”

“Okay, I’m sorry.” The Commander waved his hand. “There is a high-level mission that we need you to act on right away, and you’ll need to take your team with you as well. You need to infiltrate a certain place, investigate the information we need, and rescue our soldiers.”

Satan lifted his eyes to look at him. “Where to?”

The Commander: “The Land of Mercenaries.”

Satan: “Not going. We are not in charge of fighting wars.”

The Commander: “I’m not asking you to fight a war, but to investigate a powerful group there. They have been very mysterious, and our troops went in two times: the first batch was all defeated, and currently one-third of the second batch is on the run. You must go, rescue them, and investigate a mercenary group in the time being.”

Satan: “Mysterious? How mysterious are they? Are they more mysterious than the Dragon Division?”

The Commander: “I’m afraid they won’t be much weaker than the Dragon Division. Let me tell you something, remember the four clans who gave you information about the Dragon Division King? Do you remember the remaining four mercenary groups from the four clans?”

“I do,” Satan said.

“Those four clans were quite powerful in the Land of Mercenaries, and together they were even more powerful than the Continental Mercenaries. However, half a year ago, all four of their mercenary corps were wiped out!”

“What did you say!” Satan suddenly straightened up and asked in a hurry, “The four mercenary corps have been wiped out?”

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