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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 698.1

Chapter 698: I’m afraid my deceased father will come back alive from his coffin (Part One)

– Huaxia –

– Dragon Division Headquarters –

The new members of the Dragon Division had been reassigned.

Bei Shan was in his office staring at a photo of him and Xu Cheng.

The youngest disciple, 3 of Diamonds was mopping the floor to clean Bei Shan’s office.

The 3 of Diamonds was newly selected from the military to be part of the Dragon Division. He was relatively young and had talent, but he was a chatterbox.

He saw that Bei Shan had been holding a picture frame in his hand for a long time, so he curiously went over and asked, “Senior Brother Bei Shan, who is this?”

Bei Shan laughed lightly and put the photo frame back on the desk without a word.

The 3 of Diamonds asked curiously, “Senior Brother, I’ve seen everyone representing the 48 cards, and there are many of us who are curious about the two cards we have never met before. Oh right, why isn’t there a number 2 in each suit? I also heard from the others that one of the four Aces will become the King of the Dragon Division?”

“Who told you all this?” Bei Shan glared at him.

The junior stuck out his tongue and said, “They’re all saying that the Dragon King position has been vacant for a year now.”

“Even if it’s been vacant for ten years, it wouldn’t be filled by anyone from the four of us.”

The 3 of Diamonds was surprised. “Why? We are just going to keep that position empty? Then we won’t have a head.”

Bei Shan: “The Dragon Division is currently in a period of reassignment and reorganization, why would we need a King for? Don’t you have anything better to do? Go and practice.”

The 3 of Diamonds smacked his lips. “Senior Brother, how about let’s recruit a member for the number 2 position in each team. This way in the Diamonds, I won’t be the youngest, and they will have to call me Senior Brother later.”

A light smile appeared on Bei Shan’s face as he remembered about something.

“I don’t know about the other groups, but we do have a 2 in our suit!”

The 3 of Diamonds: “Yeah? That’s great, then I’m not the youngest.”

Bei Shan shook his head speechlessly. “Get out you.”

The 3 of Diamonds quickly left the room with the mop in his hand.

When he bumped into the Jack of Diamonds in the corridor, he laughed and said, “Senior Brother J, there’s a 2 of Diamonds in our group who’s younger than me. Do you know where he is? I will treat him well.”


The J of Diamonds looked at the junior with an odd expression. “If you ever have the chance to meet him in person, don’t say this to him or you will be beaten.”

The 3 of Diamonds smiled. “If I, the 3 of Diamonds, can’t beat the 2 of Diamonds, then I’ll give him the 3 of Diamonds position and I’ll be the 2 of Diamonds!”

The Jack of Diamonds pointed at himself. “I f*cking wanted to be the 2 of Diamonds, but I was not meant to be and you probably won’t be able to drop from a 3 to a 2 in your lifetime! Let me tell you that dropping from a 3 to a 2 is harder than you rising to be an Ace!”

The 3 of Diamonds looked puzzled. “Why?”

The Jack of Diamonds: “When you meet him, you can ask him yourself.”

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