Chapter 699: The Revitalization Series Officially on Sale (Part One)

– Huaxia –

– Shangcheng –

Lin Dong was eating at the dining table at his home.

A housemaid was placing food onto the table when Lin Hu came back, looking tired.

He walked over to the dining table and saw his parents looking at his online store on the computer, so he smiled and asked, “Mom and dad, are you guys not eating dinner?”

Lin Han waved his hands. “You two eat first, we’re busy.”

Lin Hu: “Busy with what?”

Mother Lin: “The Mandala Lab’s Revitalization series was just officially released for sale across the globe. Your father and I used our savings to sign a wholesale contract with Little Dong at the purchase price, and we used up all of our savings at once; how can we not be worried?”

Lin Hu smacked his lips.”You guys are too risky, don’t you think? That’s for your retirement savings. What if it doesn’t generate any revenue? The cosmetic market is very deep and not easy to get into.”

Having said that, he looked at Lin Dong disapprovingly and said, “You know that our family has no money, yet you still used Mom and Dad’s money to fill in the gap.”

“Don’t worry, if they can’t sell it, they can return it to the company, and I’ll take it. If we can’t sell it in Huaxia, then we can take it to other global markets to fill the need. It’s all the same.” Lin Dong smiled and said, “Mom and Dad, there’s no need to look. Come over for dinner. Didn’t you hire people to look after the operation of the online store? What else are you afraid of.”

Father Lin: “I’m optimistic about your company’s cosmetics, I have a feeling that it will become a hit.”

Lin Dong: “You’re the wise one dad.”

Father Lin walked over with a smile and stared at his youngest son as he asked with a smile, “Little Dong, I don’t know about anything else, but in terms of appointing us as the unofficial store selling this product, won’t your master be mad at you?”

Lin Dong said, “We keep the good things within the group. You could repay the franchise operation fee when you earn enough, and it’s understandable that you have no money right now.”

Father Lin asked, “Then how much should I pay for this franchise operation fee?”

Lin Dong: “500 million a year for the online stores.”


Lin Hu spewed out a mouthful of soup. “Your company is screwing people around, right?”

Lin Han nodded. “This price is indeed within an acceptable range, there must be a limit to number of operators, right?”

Lin Dong: “That’s for sure, the price wouldn’t be so high if there was no limit. “

Lin Hu’s eyes widened. “Dad, how are you going to earn this 500 million later on to fill in the gap? This 500 million is enough for me to get another project started.”

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