Chapter 700: Popular Demand (Part One)

Mother Lin saw Lin Hu come over and couldn’t stop her mouth from smiling. “It’s only been twenty minutes, and we sold 51,669 bottles, and the sales are still growing. Our friends and we had spent a total of three hundred million in loans on the first batch, and Little Dong used their company’s name to get a loan for 500 hundred million; altogether we were able to get 100K bottles. The other two online stores don’t even have this much supply. Little Dong felt that the sales would be a hit and told me to open sales for 100K of the Gold bottles at once; it’s been half an hour and we’re already at 50K sales!”

Lin Han quickly elbowed Mother Lin. “Check quickly how much money you have in the account.”

Mother Lin nodded. “Yes, yes, I forgot.”

She hurriedly entered her account verification and saw her Paypal account info, $452,537,769 yuan.

Lin Hu leaned over and counted the number. “452 million. Mom, how much profit did you make?”

Father Lin took out his calculator and then smiled. “There’s a profit of thirty million yuan! That’s net profit, and if the remaining 40K bottles are sold out today, there will be a total net profit of 70 million yuan!”

It was easy to tell that they were happy as they couldn’t help smiling.

Lin Hu, who was next to them, once again spewed out a mouthful of rice.

One day, 70 million yuan in net profit?

That was an unbelievable amount of profit! Even if it was because today was the first day, and the sale next day fell to 10K bottles, that would still be just the guaranteed worst result. With that in mind, then it would be equivalent to 30K bottles per month and 360K bottles per year, and factoring in a profit of $88 USD per bottle, it would be the same as 2.3 billion yuan!

2.3 billion in net profit! Not to mention the 500 million license operating fee, it would be up for grabs even if it was a 100 million profit. A lot of people probably didn’t dare to test the waters because they weren’t sure how popular this Revitalization series would be, but today or rather after the first quarter, many people would regret their decision because of the limited licensed operator rights.

 Lin Hu felt that the most tempting thing would probably be the sales license!

There would be people bidding high prices for the rights in the future.

The profit was definitive, and as long as their parents wanted to transfer the operator rights, many people would be willing to bid high prices for a chance to have it.

Lin Hu swallowed air because he didn’t even know if his own project could earn him enough to have a profit in the next two year, and someone next to him was crazily earning money as if they robbed a bank. If his project was to fail, then he was prepared to sell that land for a rough estimate of 300 million. However, his parent’s operator rights would be sold at a conservative estimate of 5 billion! And they might not even sell it, because they could earn their money back in two to three years, and a baseline of 5 million that people would want to offer.

In the Huaxia division’s first sale of Revitalization series, both major online shopping operators purchased 50K bottles each as they just wanted to test the market and ordered only that much from Mandala at first; and they were both shocked when everything was sold out within a day!

In one morning, all 50K bottles were swept away!

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