Chapter 701: High Spirited (Part One)

In fact, not only were the two major online shopping websites shocked, all the offline stores were as well, regretting that they did not increase their order size.

Lin Hu felt like he couldn’t eat anymore as he watched his parents withdraw cash from the account, a total of 70 million profit in just one morning. He slowly chewed on his food not knowing what it tasted like, and he felt his heart ache. Why! Why! If I had asked my brother back then, this project would have been mine!

Just when he looked up, hesitating whether or not to talk about it with Lin Dong, Lin Dong’s phone rang.

Lin Dong received a call from an unknown caller. “Hello?”

The person on the other end of the phone was enthusiastic as he asked, “Mr. Lin, are you available? I’d like to treat you to dinner, any restaurant in the city, your pick!”

Lin Dong had a slight smile on his face, looking calm and relaxed. “You are?”

“My last name is Zheng, I do real estate in Shangcheng.”

Lin Dong: “Oh President Zheng, if you’re doing this for our Revitalization series operator rights, then that would be a bit hard to do here. Of course, if it’s just for dinner, then you’re always welcome.”

President Zheng: “That’s a must, feel free to pick any restaurant you like and it’ll be my treat. Let’s get to know each other, what do you think?”

Lin Dong laughed. “Sure President Zheng. You make a pick and I will definitely be there.”

 “I’ve heard that President Lin was straightforward and easy to talk to. Sounds good, I’ll make the arrangement.”

After Lin Dong hung up the phone, another call came in. “Hello?”

“Oh President Lin, sorry to bother you. So I’m one of the agents for our Revitalization series, do you think we can order another 200K bottles for this quarter?”

Lin Dong frowned: “President Yan, I would sell you more if I had any left. But I really don’t have any more left. You know that we must have quantity control for the first batch of products, or else I wouldn’t be limiting the number of licensed operators. I’m afraid that there are more monks than porridge available.”

“Yes, yes, President Lin. Are you free? How could the monk not contribute back to the temple after they received porridge? I want to treat you to a meal, please come if you have time President Lin.”

“That’s… President Yan, I really don’t have time to spare right now.”

“It’s fine, President Lin. Just give me a call whenever you’re free, and please remember me whenever Mandala Lab has new products in the future.”

“Of course, of course.” Lin Dong chuckled.

It would be a lie if Lin Hu said he was not envious of Lin Dong. He sat across from Lin Dong and thought that he should’ve been the one chatting with the others like this with superiority. He had taken over the family’s business, and therefore he should’ve been at the center of the spotlight in this family. However now, he felt incomparably transparent.

Lin Dong had just put down his phone and was about to continue eating when the phone rang again.

“Little Dong, you’ve got all the phone calls at once?” Mother Lin finished withdrawing the payments and came over as she prepared to enjoy her meal.

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