Chapter 702: Group of Old Immortals (Part One)

Satan brought ten of the 72 Demons in Solomon into the Land of Mercenaries, and this time instead of bringing the Seven Sins Demons, he purposely brought the less powerful ones of the Solomon Demons.

In addition to bringing these ten people with him, he also brought a USB flash drive that recorded some of the mysteries he had investigated over the years.

– Meanwhile –

The subordinates of the Lord of Asia, Okami, had just gotten their hands on the most crucial part of the Shanling Group’s case; they found the lawyer advisor and learned from him that the chairman had given $100 million to a woman named Matsushima Laiko in his will!

This incident led the whole thing straight into another lead.

After they finally found Songdao Laizi and forced her to confess, she spat out what happened as the key person who witnessed Xu Cheng’s murders at the Shanling Group’s Villa.

Xu Cheng had masterminded the events leading to the economic and political scandal in Wei Nation with the murder of the entire Shanling family two years ago, and with this evidence, the Lord of Asia, Okami was able to confront the other consortiums.

“Then what are you waiting for? Just announce it and make Huaxia take responsibility for it!” The other consortium that had been made the scapegoat back then felt wronged and were on the verge of bursting.

Okami waved his hand. “First of all, we are faced with two serious problems that prevent us from having a showdown with Huaxia.”

“Why?” The others were puzzled.

Okami: “First, this Xu Cheng guy has been stripped of all military identity by Huaxia, which means he is just a citizen now, and there’s no way we could get Huaxia’s government to be responsible when he’s just an ordinary person. This would be just a personal act, and we can’t do anything to the government! Secondly, if we insist on fighting them with this unwinnable lawsuit, some of our business industries in Huaxia will be subject to economic sanctions. Don’t forget that Huaxia can do anything now, and they have been very tough in the previous matter on the islands. So anything we say at this juncture will make it look like we are looking for trouble. Therefore it’s hard to be tough on the Huaxia government because of this! “

The crowd calmed down and agreed in unison. “Then kill him.”

“That’s not an important issue.” Okami waved his hand. “Gentlemen, the time has come to make up for some of our losses. We found out that since he was stripped of his position, he went to the M Nation and has been accumulating money like crazy for over a year. He has a financial advisor, and this advisor has over twenty billion dollars in his possession!”

Every one of the consortium members’ eyes brightened up. 

“Let’s figure out how to divide this money.”

Okami said, “Five billion dollars must be taken out of this as a reward, and you all should understand who I’m referring to for the reward. You know that this man’s strength is not simple, and the Assassin Alliance wouldn’t even dare to put a bounty out on his head. So, the only one who can kill him is the Knight!”

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