Chapter 703: Kidnapping Lin Chuxue as a Bait (Part One)

Lin Dong was in a good mood on his flight to the M Nation.

His mission in Huaxia was completed; the listing of the company was very successful, and the subsequent reviews also made the market accept the value and status of the Revitalization Series.

The Revitalization Series was now ranked as one of the top luxury cosmetic products.

The Gold Bottle even broke the global sales record for a single product. Although the price was there, it still broke it without much effort!

As for the next quarter’s orders, the word ‘insane’ could be used to describe it; from global major medical and beauty salons to retailers around the world, all were willing to join as licensed operators.

Everyone was still testing the waters in the first quarter, so they didn’t dare to order too many products at once, but nevertheless, the total orders from operators worldwide in the first quarter still reached 1.5 million.

When the Mandala Lab released their sales number, Wall Street went crazy.

They were smart to immediately realize that this new Mandala Lab product was not only accepted by the market but had also become a hit. After calculating the sales volume and supply cost, the accountants of the major companies came up with an estimate of profit.

Among them, 1.1 million gold bottles, 320K platinum bottles, and 180K diamond bottles; and if they were to calculate according to the supply cost…

A total of profit of $24.3 billion USD!

That was only the first quarter, and they heard that order volume was already growing like crazy in the second quarter, so it was foreseeable that the second quarter’s profit would break this level.

Apple, the most profitable company in the world, had annual sales of $60 billion and a net profit of about $15 billion, which was already among the highest profit ratio among listed companies.

But the Mandala Lab’s first quarter profit, even with most operators unwilling to take risks and limited orders, the global sales still exceeded 1.5 million bottles, and achieved a profit of $24.3 billion in less than half a month.

Those evaluators on Wall Street now wanted to know how much money Mandala could make after deducting production cost.

However, based on past cosmetic cost and profit points, Wall Street believed that in the first quarter, Mandala will have made at least $5 billion net profit!

Someone was even wild enough to predict that according to Mandala’s first trial product priced at $300 million, their free cash flow must be within $300 million for the current product. There was no evidence of any share dilution before, so the Mandala Lab must have produced 1.5 million bottles within the $300 million budget. Then, with $24.3 billion in sales, they provided a guess estimate that the net profit of Mandala was probably at $20 billion!”

If that were the case, they wondered how much market capitalization the Mandala Lab would hit if it went public.

Of course, none of these speculations was credible before the Mandala Lab released its financial reports.

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