Chapter 704: Meet Little Joker (Part One)

The apartments on campus were in a safe and private zone, but because of this, in the event of an emergency, the security personnel outside could not make it in time at all. A relatively fit man wearing a baseball cap and dressed like a pizza delivery person was carrying a pizza in his hand.

He walked up to the glass door of Lin Chuxue’s low, villa-like apartment and knocked. Lin Chuxue was surprised when she looked up at him. “Yes?”

The delivery person shook the pizza box in his hand. “Someone ordered a pizza for you, please sign for it.”

“I didn’t order it.” Lin Chuxue was slightly surprised as she was wondering who would know she liked pizza and ordered it.

The delivery person yanked the door open and locked it after walking in, he then threw the pizza away like trash.

“What are you doing!” Lin Chuxue snapped.

Stenson and Lin Dong ran out from the kitchen, and Lin Dong stepped over to block Lin Chuxue while Stenson ran up to the second floor to find a gun. It was not strange to find gun permits in a M Nation’s citizen house, no matter which class they belonged to. As long as someone trespassed on your property, you would have the right to defend yourselves.

The intruder directly came over and grabbed Lin Chuxue. Lin Dong swung his fist at him but the intruder immediately grabbed his wrist and twisted hard.


Lin Dong’s wrist was broken by the twist!

“Ah!” Lin Dong burst out a scream and he unconsciously kneeled down, however he quickly hugged the intruder’s legs as he shouted towards Lin Chuxue who was panicking, “Madam, run!”

Lin Chuxue picked up a fruit knife and stabbed at the intruder, but he slapped it away.

The intruder grabbed Lin Chuxue’s neck with one hand when Lin Dong bit him hard on the thigh!

He even bit through the pants.

The intruder frowned in pain and released Lin Chuxue as he struck Lin Dong’s back with his elbow.

It sounded like a spine was broken.

Lin Dong spat out a mouthful of blood and looked like he was about to pass out.

Lin Chuxue saw the intruder walking toward her after freeing himself from Lin Dong’s restraints, and she quickly tried to back away.

That was when Stenson came down from upstairs with a gun and said in a deep voice, “Boss Lady, run away quickly!”

He then fired a shot at the intruder.

The Intruder dodged the bullet with a roll and picked up the fruit knife he had slapped away. When Stenson shot at him again, he used the fruit knife and deflected the bullet in the air, sending it dropping to the ground.

Stenson was stunned and growled subconsciously, “Madam, run!”

Lin Chuxue turned around and ran towards the garage, but when she turned around after a few steps, she saw that Stenson had been stabbed several times with that fruit knife.

She turned to the killer with bloodshot eyes and said sharply, “You’re here to get me, aren’t you? Then let them both go!”

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