Chapter 706: Mentor, let’s send you on your way (Part One)

After a moment’s silence, Xu Cheng said to Little Joker, “Tell me.”

Little Joker: “Promise me that you will live on to protect the Dragon Division and protect Huaxia! You cannot die!”

Xu Cheng: “Everyone says I can’t die, but you guys are always pushing me into the fire. Do I even have a choice?”

Little Joker went silent for a while and slowly said, “There’s a group of people in this world who are crazy for money, among them the so-called Capital Empires like the Rothchild Family. They seem like they don’t have any army or power in the military, but they’re rich enough to go against a country, so why weren’t they eliminated? Even the Morgan and Cloffi Families could use their capital to control the country’s politics. The Capital Society that they founded has the entire world at their service; do you think that is reasonable? Our Ancestors have once said that to have power in politics cannot be done without a war, but they didn’t have the military power nor the weaponry to rule the world. For example, Shen Sanwan, the richest person we know in history, was still beheaded with his family, because having power meant more than having money! However, don’t you find it strange in the Western world? How could a large, ancient family be without any armed forces? Why wasn’t there anyone who lusted after their wealth? The answer is of course that there were those people, but the family also had an army! Except their army is called the world’s strongest one-man army! They are just as capable as you are, and it would be easy for them to destroy a consortium or assassinate the Prime Minister of a country! If you can destroy the Yamabishi Consortium, so can they, and they will kill whoever wants to take their wealth and get in the way of their interests, no matter who you are. The only two M Nation presidents who were assassinated in history did not belong to the Capital Society; what does that signify? They can do whatever they want!”

Xu Cheng: “What does this have to do with the internal martial arts?”

Little Joker: “Of course it has something to do with it. Huaxia with its five thousand years of history is on a different level than the M Nation, they cannot compare. The strange people and things in Huaxia are incredible. For example, the death soldiers and guards of the corrupted Qing Dynasty were all solo combat experts and were capable of all kinds of assassinations; they were considered as Royal Guards. During the second world war, our dynasty was incompetent, but the invaders still couldn’t break into the Forbidden City because there were this group of experts defending it with their lives. However, instead of trying to win over the people’s hearts, the Westerners were smarter and more visionary; they bribed the inner guards and undermined their loyalty to the empire, causing the last emperor to flee from the capital and choose to commit suicide in the wilderness because he didn’t have anyone to rely on.”

Xu Cheng was puzzled. “The loyalty of a feudal society wouldn’t be undermined that easily, would it?”

Little Joker: “No, that’s the biggest weakness of a feudal society. Those experts were eunuchs who had no status and were looked down upon. Think about it, even though he was higher than everyone but one person, he was still a eunuch. Those westerners were smart, and they played the human rights card, which was a bold and visionary idea, and it was a shock to the Huaxia people who had been enslaved for thousands of years. Once these eunuchs had wealth, and their abilities were used to the maximum, their hearts went free. So, with the departure of this group of death soldiers, the dynasty was no longer stable and quickly collapsed. The biggest beneficiaries of this war who made a huge fortune were the capital consortium – the Rothchild Family! During that chaotic period, they began to act as a family consortium to recruit members and expand, and that’s where the rumors say that the Morgan and Cloffi Families had branched from their family. They were the ones who benefited, and they heavily relied on the assassination experts! Anyone who stood in their way of amassing wealth would be killed, so much that in the end everyone wanted to avoid danger and stood on their side. Then, a huge organization spanning North America and Europe was born, and they probably have existed for over a hundred years by now.”

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