Chapter 708: Rescue (Part One)

A vehicle with a luxurious and spacious business interior drove from the Swiss airport to the mountains.

Lin Chuxue’s hands and feet were not tied, but there were three men sitting opposite to her; two in black suits wearing sunglasses and a middle guy with a gray beard that looked like a French gentleman. He was staring at Lin Chuxue with deep eyes.

Lin Chuxue looked back at him as well and none of them spoke.

“Don’t be afraid.” The man said to her, “You’re not the target.”

“How can I not be afraid?” Lin Chuxue laughed awkwardly. “I’m not afraid of you guys kidnapping me, but I’m afraid that you’re coming for my man.”

“There are so many men in the world, what is there to be afraid of if only one dies? And if he dies, all his property will just go to you, so why not? You can do whatever you want.”

“If it comes to that, I’ll use my man’s tens of billions fortune to hire assassins to kill you all!” Lin Chuxue said.

The gray bearded man laughed. “Does the Mandala Lab belong to him?”

“No,” Lin Chuxue said.

The gray bearded man smiled again. “So it’s a yes, your affirmative objection proved it.”

Lin Chuxue felt she wasn’t good at this type of conversation, so she gritted her teeth. “Don’t try to use me to threaten my man, you won’t stand a chance.”

The gray bearded man: “I did some research about your man’s attitude towards you. He once gave your family 3.8 billion dollars because of you, he is really fond of you. Do you think he will handover the Mandala Lab for you this time?”

“No!” Lin Chuxue said straightforwardly, “Both Wall Street and you know how much Mandala is worth. If it gets listed, it wouldn’t be hard for it to overtake Apple as the number one market cap company in the world. Do you think he would give up a company with a market cap of nearly a trillion dollars for a woman?”

When the gray bearded man heard Lin Chuxue’s words, he smiled and took out a tablet displaying an ongoing video call; there was a very old man on the other side.

He looked at Lin Chuxue smilingly and asked, “You just said that as long as it is willing to go public, it can surpass Apple? Honestly, it will indeed surpass Apple, but only if that technology to fight cancer has been perfected. From the way you’re talking about it, it seems that the technology has been perfected?”

Lin Chuxue turned pale and secretly scolded herself for being so stupid. It was true that the more one spoke, the more flaws there will be.

“Did I say that?” She quickly denied it.

The old man chuckled, and it was clear to him. He said, “Actually, I am not interested in this Mandala at all, I am only interested in Xu Cheng, but I can’t find him nor do I even know where he is. So, I had no choice but to kidnap you.”

Lin Chuxue: “Old man, do you know what the difference between a bad guy and a good guy is? The bad guys only use dirty tricks, like you.”

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