Chapter 709. I’ve been trying to get into his circle (Part One)

When a man in a trench coat came to the ruined rooftop, he only saw a sniper rifle and no one else.

“That person was alert and disappeared,” he said to his earpiece.

After looking around the entire rooftop, he turned around and left.

However, he didn’t realize that Chekhov was hanging from the edge of the balcony by his hands. Chekhov said with sweat running down his face, “I’d love to jump off the roof, but it turns out this is the fifth floor and bone strengthening isn’t part of my awakened abilities.”

On the other side, without Chehkov’s interference, Mario was no match for the grey bearded man at all.

However, the grey bearded man wasn’t having an easy time either because him punching Mario five times caused the same damage as Mario punching him once.

Mario was good at enduring, so unless someone could beat him down at once with a simple and brutal force like Xu Cheng, the continuous damage after a period would only be absorbed by him.

Although the grey bearded man had the upper hand in strength and punched Mario like a shield, if Mario succeeded in hitting him once with a counterattack, then it would be enough to knock him down.

“This doesn’t feel great, it takes him hitting me 10 times for me to hit back once. Can you back me up here?” Mario said to Chekhov.

Chekhov: “Yes, but I’ll be exposed.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Chekhov was shocked to find that the expert from below looked up at him. He was prepared to climb up, but the expert suddenly leaped and grabbed onto the second-floor window ledge, followed by the third-floor window ledge, slowly climbing up.

Chekhov hurriedly climbed up with all his strength, but before he could climb up to the balcony, his feet were grabbed by the expert, dragging him down from the fifth floor and smashing him onto the ground.

Chekhov grimaced in pain and thought he saw stars.

Lin Chuxue shook her dizzy head inside, and seeing the smoke around the car and how the door was pinned shut, she tried to get out through the window.

She saw Mario and the grey bearded man fighting each other.

She remembered that the man had just tried to save her, and that someone had shot the driver.

When Mario saw her, he immediately yelled at her, “Run!”

Lin Chuxue dragged her tired body and prepared to turn around and run away.

But three Mercedes-Benz S-Class cars drove over in front of her.

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