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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 71

Chapter 71: I’m Going to Make Him My Boyfriend

Gate Master Yan started feeling the exhaustion. He was sweating and panting, and he looked at Xu Cheng, who was in a much better state than him. He said sarcastically, “The stage is so big, isn’t it easy to dodge? I think you are just afraid of death, and that’s why you didn’t dare to get close to attack me, right? If that’s the case, why accept my deathmatch invitation?”

On the audience rows, members of North Gate started getting up and shouting, “What a coward, why are you just dodging? Why not just hide like a turtle and just stop the fight? Holy f*ck, you fight like a coward!”

“That’s right, he’s just afraid that Gate Master Yan will kill him, and that’s why he was just dodging and wasn’t prepared to fight back.”

Gate Master Yan looked towards Xu Cheng and smiled. “Did you hear that? If I were you, with so many people talking to me like that, I would for sure try and prove myself.”

Xu Cheng didn’t get angry or anxious. “Didn’t I already prove it? How many people can toy with you for so long and not let you land a hit? My reflex and techniques already proved everything.”

“So what? Do you plan on winning like this?” Gate Master Yan said in disdain.

“Of course not.” Xu Cheng withdrew his smile as he narrowed his eyes. “The probing just now was just to assess all that you are capable of. You want me to strike now?”

“You think you can hurt me?” Gate Master Yan sneered. “Back in the days, so many people wanted to kill me, but how many of them succeeded? I’m still here.”

“That’s before you met me,” Xu Cheng said. He clenched his fist, and this time, he was attacking.

Whether it was the opponent’s strength or attack patterns, Xu Cheng was already familiar with them.

Gate Master Yan saw Xu Cheng charging at him and the corner of his lips lifted as he snorted, “What a joke!”

If each of Gate Master Yan’s steps was used as a measuring unit, two of Xu Cheng’s steps actually covered five of Gate Master Yan’s in distance. Such speed was indeed shocking. It stunned Gate Master Yan a little, and in the next moment, Xu Cheng’s punch was slamming towards him. He originally wanted to catch it in his palm and then break Xu Cheng’s wrist. However, he was wrong. He could not be more wrong. When Xu Cheng’s fist came into contact with the center of his palm, a powerful force sent tremors down Gate Master Yan’s veins and bones, and his muscles directly went numb. Such a feeling of numbness was immediately relayed to his brain, causing him to almost pass out. The whole arm he extended out lost its feeling in that wave of numbness, and loud crackling noises were heard. Everything happened so quickly that he didn’t even realize it.

And then, the powerful force sent his body multiple steps back. When Gate Master Yan came to his senses, that numb feeling had disappeared, and it was soon followed by an intense pain of his whole arm breaking.


Gate Master Yan felt that he could barely lift up that arm of his, and he went on his knees and began mourning and crying in pain.

Everyone at the scene immediately shot up from their seats, confused as to what just happened.

If there was a camera that could play everything in slow-motion, the replay would show the bloody scene where Gate Master Yan caught Xu Cheng’s fist, and how his entire arm became twisted and the broken bones almost poked through his skin.

Gate Master Yan panted with his mouth wide open, how could someone summon such explosive strength?

His entire martial arts uniform was stained with blood, and everyone at the scene could already tell that he was hurt.

Yan Wei and Wu Hao’s eyes narrowed at the sight of this. Especially Yan Wei, he immediately subconsciously asked Wu Hao, “How did it feel when that fist landed on your stomach that day?”

Wu Hao simply described, “It was a mixed feeling, just like the realization that there is nothing worth treasuring in life anymore. At that moment, I felt like all my internal organs were ruptured and I just wanted to die right away to end the pain.”

The head instructor sitting beside them had his eyes wide open, and he was still trying to digest that scene where Xu Cheng broke Gate Master Yan’s arm with one punch.

Wu Hao looked towards the head instructor and said, “Boss, if Xu Cheng’s on our team, during the melee fights in the jungle, who’s going to be his opponent? He can basically finish one guy per punch.”

Xu Cheng propelled himself towards Gate Master Yan again, extending his leg and kicking Gate Master Yan’s stomach like he was kicking a soccer ball. Gate Master Yan thought that Xu Cheng would probably have weak kicks because he focused on training his punches, so he extended his other arm and tried to block it. He was wrong again. That kick immediately caused his arm to lose control as it swung right back at his face. A powerful force caused him to fly out about 5 to 6 meters before landing and rolling a few times on the ground.

The stadium was immediately boiling.

Everyone was shocked. Gate Master Yan was furious as he immediately jumped up and roared. He was humiliated! He didn’t land a single hit after about 50 moves, yet his opponent was able to severely injure him with just two. Such humiliation was much like how Li Dazhuang felt: didn’t hit sh*t, yet got beat up like a piece of sh*t. It would’ve been better if there were more exchanges of blows and hits, but what just happened was just a complete embarrassment for someone as arrogant as Gate Master Yan.

He charged like a mad tiger, summoning unprecedented speed and explosive strength as he jumped about 3 meters into the air. He clenched his only moveable right hand and raised it into the air. He wanted to smash down on Xu Cheng’s head and shatter his brain like a watermelon.

Everyone saw his last move attempting to hurt Xu Cheng, just like a dying venomous snake suddenly summoning explosive strength to use all of his remaining energy to deliver a fatal blow to the opponent.

However, just when everyone thought that the fist would land and lead to a gruesome result of both sides heavily wounded, Xu Cheng had already predicted Gate Master Yan’s moves. Before he could even land, Xu Cheng coiled his body like a spring and shot himself up from the ground towards Gate Master Yan. Just when everyone thought he was committing suicide, his hunched back directly collided with Gate Master Yan’s chest.


A mouthful of blood directly sprayed out from Gate Master Yan’s mouth, and his body was pushed a dozen meters into the air before falling heavily onto the ground. His heavy body even rebounded a few times before finally landing, trembling.

Everyone at the stadium was looking at this scene, their hearts full of horror. Things totally didn’t go as planned.

Ran Jing and the two others all couldn’t believe how strong Xu Cheng was. Those three moves were simple yet brutal, there was no showmanship element at all, just conquering with strength! Whether it was speed or strength, Xu Cheng stomped his opponents!

Especially Shen Yao. All the mockery and ridicule from before formed a great contrast with the final result, and an indescribable feeling filled her heart. Especially the scene of Xu Cheng stomping the guy with just three moves, she felt her female hormones surging inside. She knew that that was a crush she was having for a man!

She tightly grabbed onto Ran Jing’s wrist, her eyes still fixed on that figure on stage with the broad and muscular shoulders. She mumbled to herself, “I’m going to make him my boyfriend.”

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