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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 710.1

Chapter 710. The Death of Lin Chuxue (Part One)

Mario and Chekhov pretended to walk away, and Chekhov mumbled, “If only Dulson was here, he could run with this woman on his shoulders.”

Mario: “Are we sure we’re going?”

Chekhov: “What do you think?”

Mario: “I feel like I can still fight.”

Having said that, he turned around and suddenly attacked the old man. He leapt through the air and swung his fist at the silver-haired old man. Just as he was about to hit him, the silver-haired old man grabbed his wrist and twisted it.

There was a crack.

“Ah!” Mario screamed as the old man then kicked him in the abdomen, causing him to vomit blood as he flew a few dozen meters away. Chekhov was shocked as he ran over to see badly Mario was injured.

Mario was knocked unconscious right away from the impact.

“Go!” Lin Chuxue’s face changed dramatically and yelled at Mario and Chekhov, “I don’t need you guys to take care of me.”

Chekhov was already injured before, and Mario, who was the only one who could fight, had lost his fighting ability. He could tell that their strengths were not on the same level, and Mario’s move just now was easily resolved by the old man. That was enough to see how powerful this man really was.

“I hate people who don’t keep their word,” said the old man as he took a step forward, he did not intend to let anyone leave.

Lin Chuxue stood in front of him with a gun pointed to her own forehead.

The old man stopped.

Lin Chuxue urged Chekhov. “Go!”

Chekhov dragged Mario towards the Hummer.

As he walked away, he heard Lin Chuxue’s voice as if she was shouting to him and Mario, “Tell Xu Cheng that if I had another chance in this life, I would still urge him to become a strong man, even though the gap between him and me is getting larger, and that I’ve even become a canary or burden to be where I am right now in this desperate situation, I don’t regret it! I have no regrets about making my husband a successful and wonderful man! And that ‘sister-in-law’ from you just now… I liked it. Tell him I’ve repaid what I owe him for protecting me when we were kids.”

When Chekhov, who was dragging Mario away, heard these words, he suddenly had a bad feeling as he turned his face to look at Lin Chuxue; that gorgeous woman, she was full with determination on her face, and it was a look that Chekhov would never forget for the rest of his life.


Lin Chuxue pulled the trigger in the end, and the bullet went across her forehead. After that, she slowly collapsed on the ground with her eyes staring at the sky, and a beautiful and graceful smile on her face.

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