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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 711.1

Chapter 711: Poor Clown (Part One)

People were coming and going at the airport, but to Xu Cheng, the whole world seemed to have become tranquil and there was only endless sorrow in his mind.

He recalled what Old Master Ye had once said to him: “For the sake of national justice, for the sake of the country, you always have to sacrifice something.”

For the sake of the country, Satan let Master Zhang Chenfeng live his life in guilt and regret and was lonely until the end of his life.

When Xu Cheng closed his eyes and reopened them, he stood up and slammed the phone on the ground; his eyes were bloodshot, and he was full of rage!

F*ck national justice!

F*ck the sake of the country!

F*ck being a lone hero!

Xu Cheng was roaring inside, Whoever wants to be a great hero, let them be one because I don’t give a f*ck!

I couldn’t even protect my own woman, I couldn’t even have a complete family! F*ck protecting the people and the country!

F*cking being a hero! Even though he was a hero, Xu Cheng felt that he was a poor soul, a poor soul who was destined to be lonely. He felt so ridiculous at this moment; he was calculative of everything but in the end, he could not defeat fate. He heard the sad news of his woman’s death, but he was not able to be by her side.


He was a clown who had failed in life!

With his hands on his head, Xu Cheng squatted on the floor helplessly. He thought about his boarding time, and he could not wait any longer and wanted to fly there right away.

He got up and went into the men’s washroom.

A janitor was cleaning the washroom and didn’t care when he saw someone come in, however when he looked up after he finished mopping the floor, all he saw were a man’s clothes hanging from the door.

Surprised he was as he pushed open the door, but there was no one inside!

He looked at the other units and no one was there.

He felt chills running down his back as he gulped air. He could have sworn that he just saw someone pass by him and use the toilet there, but in the blink of an eye, there were only clothes left!

This staff member felt so creeped out that he immediately ran out of the washroom.

Meanwhile, on the last flight to Switzerland, no one noticed the addition of an unseen person!

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