Chapter 712: Help me, help her too! (Part One)

Chekhov couldn’t help but walk in and say to Xu Cheng, “Sister-in-law asked us to tell you before she died that she didn’t regret being with you, and that she didn’t want to be a burden to you, so…”

Xu Cheng embraced Lin Chuxue in his arms without an expression, and he said to Chekhov in an ice cold tone, “So you let her die in front of you, right?”.

“I…” Chekhov didn’t know what to say at once.

“Get out!” Xu Cheng then said softly, “I don’t want to have a fight with my own people before the enemies die. So get out of here!”

Mario came in and pulled Chekhov out.

Xu Cheng sat there on the white bed with Lin Chuxue’s body in his arms the whole time, he just sat there quietly without a word.

“I won’t let you die, Little Xue.” Xu Cheng was rapidly thinking of a plan on how to save Lin Chuxue, and although he couldn’t think of one, he mumbled repetitively, “No! No Little Xue, I won’t let you die.”

He sat there for the rest of the afternoon, and he still had her body in his arms when it was close to the evening.

The staff members were ready to come in and close the funeral home, but Mario gave them a few hundred dollars to send them off.

In the evening, Lin Dong arrived with a bandaged arm and a cast on his leg.

“Where’s Master?”

Mario pointed inside of the funeral home.

Lin Dong gently pushed open the door and saw his master there. He sat there looking like a wood piece without a little bit of life in him, and Lin Dong swallowed back all the words as he was ready to close the door, thinking that it was better to leave him alone.

But when he was about to head out, Xu Cheng suddenly said, “Little Dong, you know the most about the genetics I taught you before, right?”

Lin Dong nodded and sighed, “Master, even you yourself have said that the head and the heart were the most important ones.”

“No.” Xu Cheng’s mind had already thought of a critical, yet adventurous and daring idea. “That is for the average person. Without any life-preserving genes in their body, stabbing the head or heart is indeed equivalent to death and would be difficult to save them. However, I am different, my body’s biggest trump card is the Tardigrade genes. It can protect me in the most dangerous time to let me enter into a false death state, and once I touch the water, they can immediately revive those necrotic cells of mine and bring me back to life quickly.”

Lin Dong’s face changed dramatically. “Master! Are you going to…?”

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