Chapter 714: I’ll save my woman, I’ll also save the country (Part One)

Having a conversation really did divert Xu Cheng’s attention away from the pain.

Xu Cheng looked over to Lin Chuxue when he noticed that the Tardigrade’s genes in her head had started to work and there was movement.

He hurriedly said, “There is a reaction, Little Xue’s necrotic cells are being repaired. Quick, she needs a lot of blood right now.”

Lin Dong lifted his eyes. “Master, you’re not suggesting that…?”

Xu Cheng lowered his head and looked at him with a serious face. “Transfuse my blood!”

Lin Dong was reluctant and deliberately said, “Your blood types don’t match, so it won’t work, right?”

“Are you stupid?” Xu Cheng rolled his eyes. “Don’t try to trick me, my blood can be supplied to anyone!”

“Master! Madam’s blood loss is not little,” said Lin Dong seriously.

“I’m determined to save her, do you think I would give up halfway?” Xu Cheng shouted, “Cut the cr*p and hurry up!”

“But!” Lin Dong suppressed his anger as he said, “There’s no anesthesia! There’re at least two dozen syringes needed to transfuse blood to almost every blood vessel in the body!”

“Insert them!” Xu Cheng looked at Lin Dong with non-negotiating eyes.

Lin Dong sighed, he had already used the largest syringe, and it was already too late to give up halfway. Since there was no going back, he stopped persuading Xu Cheng.

He went and brought the tubes linked to Lin Chuxue’s blood vessels to Xu Cheng’s side, and inserted them one by one into his major blood vessels.

When more than twenty needles were inserted into Xu Cheng’s body, he closed his eyes and Lin Dong saw that his lips were trembling as the veins on his forehead and neck popped out in great pain.

However, he held onto Lin Chuxue’s hand tightly and saw that the necrotic cells in her brain were starting to be repaired. His blood had stimulated and activated the functions in her body that had been interrupted due to her brain death, and Lin Chuxue’s own blood cells, heart, and other internal organs had started to function.

The electrocardiogram linked to Lin Chuxue’s heart suddenly started beating slightly.

Lin Dong was overjoyed. “Master! There is hope!”

When he looked over at Xu Cheng’s face excitedly, he saw that Xu Cheng’s eyes were closed from exhaustion and blood loss, but there was a weak smile on his face; then Lin Dong saw that Xu Cheng’s ECG had gone from normal to low level!

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