Chapter 715: Rigidity bends easily (Part One)

The old man was not confident that Xu Cheng’s corpse would be sufficient to extend his colleagues’ life.

So he felt that he should try to persuade him a little further.

“I think it’s negotiable, you don’t have to ask for death yet because I haven’t said what I need you to do.”

“I know. You guys are at an old age where your bones are past repair, and I also know that Huaxia is your next target.” Xu Cheng said, “So, no way! I’m not great enough to save the country, but I won’t give enemies a chance either.”

“It seems that Satan has told you everything he knows.” The old man looked at Xu Cheng and said, “What counts as an enemy? Do you think we were wrong? We have been enslaved for so many years, and now we can control our own destiny, so can’t we fight back? There are only two choices in life, either struggle to climb up, or fall. What choice do you think we had in those times of war and chaos? I thought you should know how we feel the most, I’ve read your resume, so I know that if you hadn’t struggled and worked hard, you wouldn’t be worthy of your wife, and you wouldn’t have the wealth and status you have now, nor be capable of doing what you have done in the Land of the Mercenaries. Do you dare to say those things were any different from what we’ve done? There is no right or wrong in this world, only strong or weak. Laws can decide whether you are right or wrong, but do you know that the law is actually endorsed by that group of dictators?”

“You’re wrong because you forgot where you came from!” Xu Cheng said in a deep voice, “A person’s bottom line should be their nation! The difference between you and I is that I never wanted to get to the point where I would stand against my country, and I have never done things that would harm its interests.”

“Ridiculous!” The old man snorted, “Have you experienced how your nation made you a eunuch? Over the years, have you ever thought about how the rest of us felt when scholars studied the eunuchs with judgmental eyes? Those who fled the country had something to look forward to for the next generation, but what did we have? Any sentimental attachments to that land was gone, and now you’re talking to me about patriotism when there was nothing left? Haven’t you been hitting the M Nation all you want? You have your position, and we have our interests, and none of us are wrong, except that your existence has stood in the way of our interests. The Capital Society is much bigger than you think, and if it’s gone, then the world economy will go backwards at least twenty years! What’s wrong with global capitalization? Everyone has money and goals, and we are not so much dictators but administrators managing the countries. Look at the countries we are managing and tell me which one doesn’t have a fast-growing economy.”

“In that case, then doesn’t the degree of expansion in Huaxia scare you? You are afraid that if it replaces the M Nation, the world will change, and as long as the M Nation stays strong, you will be able to use it to threaten other countries into economic cooperation.” Xu Cheng then said, “Therefore, Huaxia must be under your control, or at least under your surveillance. So over the years, the Capital Society has recruited some of Huaxia’s magnates, expecting that their social status linked to the government could help you achieve your plan.”

The old man looked at Xu Cheng as he didn’t expect him to have such insights.

“You have indeed understood the situation very thoroughly, but so what? Since the birth of the Capital Society, it’s not like there hasn’t been anyone who wanted to destroy us for the past hundred years. There have been two disobedient presidents of the M Nation who ended up dead, and Hitler also wanted to destroy this power through genocide, and what was the result? Not only did they die, but they took the blame. And look at the generations of British heirs who tried to expel the Capital Society’s infiltration of their country, and now the entire royal family are just puppets! So what does this mean? Capitalism is the most powerful tool to expand the world, it’s the trend.”

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