Chapter 716: Albino Xu Cheng (Part One)

The old man picked a few green leaves and attacked Xu Cheng from behind like he was scattering flowers.

After the tardigrade genes were weakened in Xu Cheng’s body, many of his mutated abilities seem to become limited. He jumped only a few tens of meters into the air before he fell quickly, and it was fortunate that the cat’s gene for balance and his turtle shield was still there. Although the old man got to him fast, he was faster in activating the shield and protecting himself, so the leaves only cut through his clothes and not his flesh.

When he landed on the ground and launched himself up again, the old man grabbed onto his ankle in the air with one hand and dragged him down hard, smashing him onto the grass. Xu Cheng quickly got up and used Shadow Fist; the old man was amazed as they went on for eighty rounds before he slapped Xu Cheng in the abdomen, repelling him.

“Shadow Fist? Who is Zhang Chenfeng to you?”

Xu Cheng rubbed his aching abdomen, this old man seemed powerless, but his internal force was quite strong. When this old man hit Xu Cheng, although the turtle shield could block it, a strong internal force still ran through his various organs, and a tiny lack in attention would lead to Xu Cheng’s death.

“Do you know my master?” Xu Cheng didn’t expect this old man to know Zhang Chenfeng.

The old man: “If your master was still around, then maybe I wouldn’t dare to touch you. It seems that you must die, or else given a little more time, you’ll turn into the next Zhang Chenfeng. He protected Huaxia for several dozen years, and I didn’t expect him to have a close disciple. Well, he’d done his job well, having someone to take over after him.”

Xu Cheng was surprised by the old man’s words because from what he remembered, his master’s strength before he died was only at the SSS rank. Was it possible that he was even stronger during his prime?

“He will be buried at the National Martyrs’ Cemetery, but where will you be buried? In the soil of a foreign country?” Xu Cheng sneered.

“Are you referring to yourself?” The old man squinted his eyes and took a step towards Xu Cheng like a shadow. Xu Cheng reacted quickly and attacked back, but the old man blocked his attack in advance as he then kicked Xu Cheng’s chest with one foot.

Xu Cheng coughed out another mouthful of blood and kneeled down onto the ground. He tried to create an electric current with his hand, but for some reason, he couldn’t sense the electricity!

That was one of his greatest strengths, but now he wasn’t able to perform it?

The old man walked toward him slowly as he said, “You have three chances. Are you willing to compromise?”

Xu Cheng exhaled a breath. “Not just three times, even if it’s three hundred times, I’m not willing!”

The old man kicked Xu Cheng in the chin angrily the moment he said those words. Xu Cheng rolled onto his back with his eyes looking at the dark night sky, and a spurt of blood rushed out from his nose over his entire face.

The old man stomped on his abdomen and asked again, “Second time, are you willing?”

 Xu Cheng’s bloodied face revealed a fierce smile. “You wish!”

With that, he punched with all the strength he could to almost 10,000 pounds, thinking that he might as well break the old man’s calves!

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