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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 716.2

Chapter 716: Albino Xu Cheng (Part Two)

However, the old man’s hand grabbed a spot inside of his elbow joint.

“No matter how strong you are, the joint is like a strip that can be loosened, as long as I take control of this spot, it would be like swinging a nunchaku that will only fold and rebound to hurt itself.” The old man had the tone of an experienced person who looked at Xu Cheng with disdain. “Your experience is still too little, you really can’t compare with your master. Ask him to teach you well when you see him in hell.” 

Having said that, the old man raised an arm high up and looked at Xu Cheng as he asked again, “This is the last time; are you willing to compromise?”

Xu Cheng laughed lightly behind his bloody face. “How many times do you want my answer? If you like, don’t say three times, it’ll be the same even if you asked three hundred thousand times.”


As soon as his voice fell, with a strong air flow, the old man struck Xu Cheng fiercely on his chest.


A mouthful of black, dense blood spurted out directly from Xu Cheng’s mouth and nostrils.

The old man stared at Xu Cheng’s dying face with a furious expression as he said, “Don’t be stubborn. The rules of the world are like this, and everyone will have a weakness. You won’t compromise, right? If you don’t then I won’t let your woman get back to Huaxia safely. Whether you believe it or not, it’s way too easy for the Capital Society to intercept and assassinate someone at the airport. I’m going to ask you one last time for the sake of your woman’s life, are you willing to compromise?”

Xu Cheng’s pupils slightly dilated as he spurted out blood and roared, “You deserve to die!”

His whole body suddenly exploded with great power, the kind of power that was equivalent to the dying will of someone on the verge of death. 

The old man didn’t think that mentioning his woman could stimulate him to explode with so much energy. He immediately balanced himself in the air and landed on the ground steadily. 

Xu Cheng’s whole body and face were covered with blood, and he exhaled a ragged breath of anger.

“I told you, you have stepped over my boundaries once again, and touched the reverse scale of a dragon — you touch you die!”

The old man smiled. “If you are this afraid, then why are you still so stubborn? We are all from the same root, there is no need to kill each other so brutally in a foreign country.”

“I’m not a traitor and I don’t know any. If you want to kill all of us, then I will take you with me even if I die.” It was as if Xu Cheng had suddenly turned into a wild beast as he was unable to control the rattling genes in his bodies. 

In the past, the tardigrade gene could block and isolate all kinds of genes from rejecting each other, but right now, without the Tardigrade gene, his body was heavily wounded, and his blood was mixed with all kinds of genes; all of these factors came together and exploded because of his worry for Lin Chuxue.

The old man was horrified to see Xu Cheng’s head of black silky hair turn gradually white, and it looked like it was suddenly bleached. Then, Xu Cheng’s face also completely lost blood, and it wasn’t the pale white, but it looked more like someone painted white paint all over his face. He looked strange and horrifying as his eyelashes, neck, and arms all turned white.

 It was as if he had some complicated disease, giving him a sickly and unhealthy white appearance.

If a scientist who understood the genetic transformation of natural species was here, then he could only describe this phenomenon happening to Xu Cheng as albinism!

Once an albino was present in any animal, it was to be the king of that species!

Xu Cheng’s entire body turned white as he then raised his eyes, which were dark red and strangely dazzling under the dim street light.

He looked at the old man without any expression, and said in a hoarse, emotionless voice, “I am now feeling at the peak of my power, shall we try again?”

The old man felt a slight pressure from Xu Cheng’s intimidating posture and aura.

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  1. No

    I’ll be honest. I haven’t read this chapter and the previous one fully. I was already irritated at yesterday’s chapter, and a few paragraphs into the previous one, I’ve decided to stop reading this novel. I started reading it at a time when only 50 or 100 chapters were released. I used to read it along with Hail the King. I didn’t know about the subscription option, so I used to check-in multiple times daily. Over the last couple of months, I’ve seen shoddy writing, broken links and chapters that are always delayed by a minimum of 6 hours. Sometimes, the chapters are posted on the next day. I understand that this novel has fewer translators than the others that you guys are working on, but perhaps, instead of releasing more and more novels, you could’ve focused on keeping up the quality on this one. I still had a good time reading your novels, so thank you for that. Good luck and goodbye.

    • Time

      Lol I said that he would get a power up, The good thing about genetics is that you don’t need to know a lot to know that this the author doesn’t know much about genetics. However, I would say that it is a lot harder to write a novel to way you want without there being huge flaws in it the longer you go. What could of made this novel a lot better is if the translator translated out all the racism, and changed the story to become more of something relatable. I’m only saying that because if you aren’t as open minded as me and realise that it is hard to create enemies unless you make everyone the enemy, that you aren’t going to attract may people to this novel. The genetics problem could be solved with a like a sub genetics thing, which was newly discovered etc. It isn’t the translators position to fix any of these issues but if you wanted to attract more people you could start up another translation for this novel with changes so that it keeps people happy and interested. Finally, I can see that this part of the novel is going to lose a lot of people but that is mainly cause of the above issues. I would start re-reading this from the start if you guys wanted to have a go at re-translating it for a wider range of readers. Not going to stop reading this though but it a little disappointing this novel but not unreasonably so.

  2. Jojo

    Tbh his wife is too hot -headed, she puts him in the bad position lol. because of her hot-headedness he had to weaken himself to save her and then deal with a fogey. Moreso, tbh he should have just kept her close to him and lol the MC doesnt learn from past mistakes lol she was kidnapped once and he isnt that low profile and its so easy to track things back to him. He should have protected her better lol, he is too arrogant.

  3. Bao

    “Once an albino was present in any animal, it was to be the king of that species!”
    wtf just stop spouting nonsense if you don’t know anything, the quality if the novel is just constantly dropping because the author just keep getting into stuff that he doesn’t know s--t about and it’s becoming completely ridiculous

  4. Bob

    albinism is a recessive gene and it usually doesn’t even help the organism survive

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