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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 717.1

Chapter 717: There is Way to Die Called Gone with the Wind (Part One)

The leg strength of a mantis, jumping ability of a cat, ultrasonic senses of a bat, 50 times enhanced strength of the leafcutter ant, and so on, were all enhanced after becoming albino!

This also made Xu Cheng’s presence and his power of intimidation become different from before. Xu Cheng’s white hair was even more frightening than the silver-haired old man.

A complex and inexplicable feeling flashed across the silver-haired old man’s eyes.

“Bluff.” He had never seen a person who could become like this before, and he was repulsed and afraid of this strangeness.

Anyone who saw albinism of a normal person would be horrified and be repulsed by it.

So, without waiting for Xu Cheng to act, he took the initiation to wipe out the unknown.

However, when he made his move, Xu Cheng disappeared on the spot and the old man then felt a gust of wind passing by his shoulder.

Xu Cheng’s entire body went into invisibility mode, and his albinism enhanced it so that he didn’t need to undress to become invisible anymore, and that he could become invisible as he wished. His speed was also enhanced so he moved even quicker than the old man.

Xu Cheng’s invisibility and his quick movement became another phenomenon in the old man’s eyes.

Spatial displacement!

Spatial displacement disregarded the laws of physics, allowing one to appear in another place immediately after disappearing from one place. Of course, Xu Cheng was not at that level yet, he only made use of his invisibility and rapid movement to create a visual illusion of disappearing in place and appearing in another place from the old man’s point of view.

But even so, it was enough for the old man to be horrified!

When he turned his head, Xu Cheng had already appeared behind him.

He was puzzlingly surprised, “Impossible! No one can disobey the laws of physics; as long as they are human, then it is impossible to not follow laws of physics unless you are in the quantum realm and you’re able to atomize yourself.”

Xu Cheng didn’t bother to answer him as he threw a punch over. The old man was quick to react as he grabbed the inside of Xu Cheng’s elbow joint, interrupting Xu Cheng’s attack and turning the force towards his chest.

However, Xu Cheng would not fall for the same trick the second time, so he let the old man grab his elbow joint, but then with an arc, he swung the old man and threw him into the sky.

The old man didn’t expect that a person could have this much strength, nor did he expect that Xu Cheng’s arm strength had an explosive power of more than 20,000 pounds and threw him into the sky. He was sent straight up into the sky for several dozen meters, ignoring the air barrier.

The old man tried to balance himself so he could land without breaking his legs from the gravity, but he didn’t expect that Xu Cheng would squat down on the ground and bounce up on the spot like a rocket, flying up to a height of 100 meter. Under the moonlight, he looked like a demon with his bright pale face and his scarlet eyes as he stared down at the old man.


He descended from the sky, dropped a knee onto the old man’s abdomen, and then stared at him as he smashed down like a missile from the sky into the forest.


A huge pit was smashed into the ground, and blood rushed out of the old man’s mouth and nostrils.

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