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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 717.2

Chapter 717: There is Way to Die Called Gone with the Wind (Part Two)

Xu Cheng stood on the old man’s stomach and lifted his foot as he stomped down on the old man’s head. He spoke up with a blank expression, “This pit is the grave that I dug for you.”

The old man’s hoarse throat made hissing sounds in disbelief; the blood rushing out from this mouth was making him choke in his throat and unable to speak out properly.

“No, no way! What did you do? How could you have suddenly become so powerful?”

“Isn’t this thanks to you?” Xu Cheng said, squatting down and leaning towards the old man in a condescending manner. “I’ll give you three chances to tell me the names of the core members in the Capital Society.”

The old man laughed. “Looks like Satan didn’t get down to the core list, huh?”


Xu Cheng crushed the old man’s right shoulder bone with one hand.

“Didn’t I just tell you? Those who have crossed my boundaries will meet a tragic end. Why don’t I offer you a way to die here today? How about dead to the ashes.”

The old man made a hoarse, low roaring scream, and his veins popped out of his neck.

“I’ll tell you the same thing. You can’t stop the Capital Society because everyone around you is probably one of them. And when you try to exterminate it, you’ll find yourself fighting against the entire human race. Do you want that?”


Xu Cheng shattered the old man’s left shoulder bone.

The old man once again burst out with a hysteric scream with blood spurting from his mouth.

Xu Cheng said with a blank expression, “One last time, are you going to say it or not?”

The old man looked at Xu Cheng and said in a pitiful and sarcastic tone, “Look at you now, is this disease related to your Mandala Lab? Even if you live, you are a monster. So why don’t you just die with me? I’ll tell you what the Capital Society is like when we both go to hell.”

“Even if I’m a monster, that’s still better than you as a eunuch, right?”

The old man’s face twitched and he shouted when he heard Xu Cheng call him eunuch, “What did you say? Say it again if you dare!”

Xu Cheng smashed his fist into the old man’s face and roared at him, “Angry, huh? I thought you eunuchs had no temper or emotions, playing with others’ lives like they are just a game. Now you know how painful it is? Why do you want to extend your life? If I were you, no matter how strong I am, if I was a eunuch, I might as well just die. You people claim to have your own position, but to be frank, you are just taking revenge on the world. You’re as fake and incomprehensible as your actual gender.”

The old man coughed out a mouthful of blood.

His palms were about to hit Xu Cheng furiously in the chest at a close range, but Xu Cheng took his attack and broke the old man’s hands.


The old man burst out screaming, “You shall not die in peace. My brothers will avenge me. The Capital Society is not something you can overthrow.”

“Then don’t go into the reincarnation cycle so soon in Hell. Watch how I destroy your entire organization!” Xu Cheng said in a fierce manner, “I will destroy the Capital Society! You will be the first one, but I swear you won’t be the last!”

With that, a purple electric current emerged from Xu Cheng’s palms.

It was unlike ordinary electric currents, the enhanced version had a purple color.

When the old man saw this, his eyes were dumbfounded.

“You! You’re inhuman!” His mouth was quivering, and he couldn’t speak properly.

“As I said, down to the ashes so there is still one last step left, ” Xu Cheng said indifferently and when his palm touched the old man’s body, the electric current ran through his body. It was a thunder bolt from the sky, directly shocking the old man’s body to ashes as it then scattered into the wind.

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