Chapter 718: Monster (Part One)

Xu Cheng got down on his knees and stretched out his hands to look at them; they were as pale as white paint.

He rubbed his hands together but he couldn’t rub the color off!

The old man’s mocking words echoed in his head, “Look at yourself now, you’re a monster!”

Xu Cheng panicked inside as what he was afraid of was finally here.

A police car drove over, and Xu Cheng quickly became invisible and disappeared.

He arrived at a hotel, dodged all the surveillance, and pushed open a locked door with brute force. He then ran directly towards the bathroom shutting it closed, and only his rapid breathing could be heard in the darkness.

After a long while when Xu Cheng finally calmed down his breathing, with a ‘click’ sound, he turned on the lights in the bathroom.

The pale paper-like face in the mirror frightened Xu Cheng, and his heart suddenly started to beat faster.

He reached out to touch his face, and then rubbed it. But it was as white as it could be and he could not rub it off.

There was just no way to scrub it off, and his breathing became more and more rapid as he started to rub his face and neck aggressively, and finally he tore his clothes into pieces. Everywhere on his body was white, including the hairs from his follicles, and even his armpit hair and eyelashes were white. 

Xu Cheng had never been so desperate before. He couldn’t wash the color off no matter how much he cleaned it. He scratched off almost a layer of skin on his body, and when he saw blood come out from his wounds, he flipped a layer wanting to see what it looked like inside: it turned out that it was still white at least one centimeter deep into the skin surface, with no blood nor red soft tissue!

Xu Cheng suddenly started sobbing as he couldn’t even recognize himself in the mirror.

How was he going to see others like this?

The day he dreaded the most had come, and without the tardigrade gene managing his genetic organization, the disordered genes phenotypes and some species characteristics had appeared already.

How could he go meet Lin Chuxue like this?

No! He absolutely could not let Lin Chuxue see himself like this.

Xu Cheng was just like what the old man said; he was no different from a monster. Even if his facial features were still there, his whole body was pale and sick looking, and he was afraid that Lin Chuxue would be scared by his looks. So, at least until he could recover, he would never go to see Lin Chuxue again.

Xu Cheng wiped away his tears and slowly calmed down; he needed to think of a way to make his albinism back to normal. Yes, there must be some way.

After he left the hotel, he went to the clothing store and stole a trench coat to wrap himself tightly with. He had one hand on his head as he was afraid that the wind would blow away his hat and expose his white hair and face, which would scare the crowd.

He didn’t die, he survived.

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