Chapter 719: Bluffing like Chekhov (Part One)

After half an hour, seeing that Xu Cheng still didn’t come, and those people relaxed a bit. That was when the staff came over and said apologetically, “Hello, because your chartered flight conflicted with our other flights, it had to be delayed until now. I’m sorry about this inconvenience. Do you still want to proceed with the flight?”

The staff member smiled professionally because they did not know anything about the conspiracy and they were only following the management’s order to delay the flight. Now that it was reopened, it was normal for them to come over to apologize for the delay.

“Of course, let’s get going,” Lin Dong said.

Xu Cheng stood up as he said to Chekhov, “There is a detector at the boarding gate, cover me.”

Chekhov understood and walked towards the front.

“Hello, show me your passports for boarding,” the staff said.

Chekhov showed their documents, and when he walked into the boarding detection entrance, Xu Cheng walked parallel to him so that they were considered as one person on the machine and did not attract any attention.

After that, Lin Dong pushed Lin Chuxue’s hospital bed through the boarding gate as well.

After all of them had boarded the plane, Xu Cheng found a place next to Lin Chuxue’s bed and sat down. 

The moment the plane left the Swiss airspace, two men pushed a cart with juice and bread towards them and asked in a very unprofessional manner, “Anyone want some juice?” 

Lin Dong, Mario, and Chekhov all tensed up. Lin Dong grasped tighter to Lin Chuxue’s bed. It wasn’t a flight attendant who was serving them, and their clothes clearly did not fit. The three of them were not fools as they watched the two ‘staff members’ with alertness.

“No need, please don’t bother us,” Lin Dong said quickly as he did not want to complicate things.

The two men lifted open a plate and revealed two daggers inside, immediately attacking Mario and Chekhov who looked like threats.

Mario was shocked when he saw this incoming attack, and without a word, he grabbed the dagger with his bare hands, endured the pain, and punched the assassin in the chest.

The two assassins were both at the SS level; fortunately they were not R because if they were, Mario would not have been able to fight them at all.

When the other assassin moved to attack Chekhov with his dagger, Chekhov sat there unmoved like a mountain, When the assassin was less than a meter away, the assassin got knocked backwards by something.

The two men who were operating the plane noticed that their teammates could not handle Mario and Chekhov, so one of them took off his headset and went out for support.

When he opened the door, he saw one of his teammates forcefully hit the wall and die on the spot after spitting out blood!

Mario also felt that the assassin who tried to attack Chekhov was blown away. That inertia was more powerful than his punch, and he was surprised as he looked back at Chekhov and asked, “When the f*ck did you get this kind of power?”

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