Chapter 720: Once More Choice (Part One)

Mario and Lin Dong wondered who Chekhov was talking to.

That was when Xu Cheng, dressed in a trench coat and hat, gradually appeared and startled both Lin Dong and Mario.

Mario walked over and elbowed Chekhov as he said, “I was wondering how you got so strong all of the sudden. I thought that beating the other day made you evolve, but in the end, you were just bluffing. You almost had me there!”

“I rarely have this kind of opportunity to act like a main character. I usually only dream of it, so of course I wasn’t going to let this one go,” Chekhov said.

Xu Cheng didn’t take off his hat when he walked to Lin Chuxue’s bed and checked the temperature of her forehead.

Lin Dong asked curiously, “Master, when did you get here?”

“I sensed him early on before the plane even took off,” Chekhov said proudly, “So don’t say that my ability is useless, perhaps I might be able to become an expert tracker in the future.”

Xu Cheng turned his back to them and explained, “Just because I’m invisible doesn’t mean my body can physically ignore air. Chekhov’s sound waves can sense any solid matter through airflow oscillations, including me.”

Chekhov smiled. “I thought I was hallucinating at first, but Boss came to me and told me not to expose myself. He suspected that something was fishy at the airport with the delayed flight, and I was also the one who covered him during boarding. So, he has been sitting here waiting for the other side to make a move since.”

Mario and Lin Dong were both glad to see Xu Cheng again.

“Master, I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Ya Boss, Little Dong said you were stopped by that old man and you were injured, Chekhov and I were so angry we couldn’t hold it in and beat him up. If you died, our Deviant Corp would have no backbone.”

Just as the three of them were joking, Xu Cheng didn’t want to hide anything from them as he took off his hat with his back to them. The three of them saw that Xu Cheng’s entire head was bleached white, and from behind, it looked like he had aged to an old man in one night.

The three of them stopped talking abruptly.

“Master?” Lin Dong said with uncertainty.

Xu Cheng suddenly turned his head around with his entire white face facing the three of them, shocking all of them.

Mainly because everything except for his pupils were white.

It had an awkward strangeness to it, and he just didn’t look like a normal person.

“Big Brother Cheng!” Mario and Chekhov didn’t look relaxed anymore as they leaned over and asked nervously, “What’s going on?”

“Genetic discrepancy.” Xu Cheng laughed bitterly. “I’m lucky that the genetic discrepancy didn’t kill me, but I don’t know what kind of other things will happen in the future. You guys don’t have to worry, I’m feeling pretty good right now, besides not being able to see anyone.”

Having said that, all three of them saw a glimpse of loneliness in Xu Cheng’s eyes, especially when he subconsciously looked at Lin Chuxue on that bed.

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