Chapter 721: Who is this Xu Cheng she’s calling in her dream? (Part One)

– Switzerland –

– At the Knights of the Round Table meeting –

Twelve R-class experts sat around the table after the news that a plane bound for Huaxia had successfully landed.

None of them looked too good.

“If that’s the case, then the four devils have failed.”

“I can’t think of why. We fought with those two people during the day; the buff one was a bit tricky with his brute force, but the other one was just good at shooting. Once that person boards the plane, he would be useless without a gun. It’s impossible that the four devils didn’t manage to win against that buff guy, and they even had guns with them. Even if they were afraid of the bullets shattering the window glass, they would still shoot if it was necessary. I can’t figure out which part went wrong.”

“The plan was to have the plane self-destruct and destroy the bodies over international waters, but now that they’ve successfully landed in Huaxia, it means that all of our personnel failed and died!”

“In addition to that, I have another question: if they did kill all four devils and made it back to Huaxia, who was flying the plane?”

“Bring up the surveillance footage at the airport.”

Someone immediately projected the footage and there was no problem at all, but they still couldn’t figure out why the four devils hadn’t been able to take out Chekhov and Mario.

“Do you know anything about that young man from Huaxia?” They redirected their attention to Lin Dong.

“This man is just an ordinary person, he was around when I went to catch this woman, and he didn’t have the slightest chance to fight back,” the guy who pretended to be the pizza delivery man said.

One of the leaders of the Knights said, “Several teachers are very angry about this. Mr. Ge Lie went out and has not come back, whether he is alive or dead is not known. Xu Cheng has not been found as well, and suddenly, things that were within our control have become complicated again. Then there is also that undercover Satan who infiltrated our ranks for more than ten years and now disappeared. Several members of the Demons of Solomon died with him! Intelligence has it that his body was taken away, and we know that this man has some information about the Capital Society on him. If that gets into the hands of the Huaxia government, then it’ll be hard for us to infiltrate in the future. Now, I’m going to announce two hit targets. The first one, Xu Cheng; we don’t know if he’s dead or alive yet, but he will definitely be a thorn in the Capital Society’s side. He knows a lot about the Capital Society and knows some of our future plans, so if this man is alive, we must kill him and see his dead body! Second one, Satan; he’s been undercover in the M Nation 5th Division for sixteen years, and he knows about us through the M Nation security bureau. He has some information on the three heads of the Knights of the Round Table, but fortunately, he doesn’t know that the real Knights are responsible for the attack. However, to eliminate the chance that this information gets exposed, he must also die, and we must see his dead body as well!”

The other eleven knights nodded their heads. “Yes.”

There were originally fourteen of them, and two of them had already been killed by Xu Cheng.

One was on his way to deal with Kush and never returned.

The other one was killed in battle by Xu Cheng when he saw him and Satan were meeting up.

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