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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 722.1

Chapter 722: So close so far (Part One)

Xu Cheng looked at the surveillance camera in the corner and continued to touch Lin Chuxue’s hand as if nothing had happened.

It was already a little warm, her skin was no longer dried out and was starting to feel soft and smooth.

When Xu Cheng raised his head, he saw his mask through the glass reflection and his heart suddenly ached.

His hand was still as pale as a piece of paper compared to Lin Chuxue and the professor had no idea how to diagnose it but to say, “There’s no underlying cause for your albinism, unfortunately there’s unlikely to be a cure.”

“Little Xue, I’m actually not afraid of you seeing me like this… okay, maybe a little bit. But what I’m actually afraid of is what the professor had told me, that there’s not a cure for me. If in the future, my body runs into any problems, I don’t want to give you hope and then bring you despair. There’s nothing more painful than seeing your loved ones die in front of you, and I already experienced this once. To be honest, it was as if my heart was pierced by a knife, and it’s quite painful, so painful that I felt like I was suffocating. So, instead of that, when you wake up, just pretend that I am no longer here. You may be sad at that moment, but time will heal your wounds. I had always felt that I’ve earned my days with you since the awakening of the power in my body, but now that I have to part with you, I feel afraid to let you go. I just want to say ‘f*ck it for becoming a hero’, but… I need to carry on with my father’s wish. Do you know how much courage it took for me to make this decision? To counteract this feeling of insecurity and loss, I must use work to numb myself. I am afraid that if I can no longer create value for myself, then I will feel that the world doesn’t need me. I have already lost you, and if I just do meaningless things, then I might as well die. Although I wouldn’t be happy in whatever I do, as long as I’ve contributed something to my country with what I’ve got, then at least it would mean that my life is worth something, righting? I finally understand what Master was feeling; that no matter how great a deed he has done, he will always have regrets in his heart, as if his heart has been emptied.”

Xu Cheng’s eyes reddened slightly as he got deeper into his feelings.

“Wake up, be strong, and live on. You are only 25 years old, you still have a life and if…”

Xu Cheng didn’t even finish when he saw Lin Chuxue’s hand suddenly twitched.

Her movement shocked Xu Cheng.

“Xu Cheng…” On the hospital bed, Lin Chuxue was sweating and shaking her head as if she was having a nightmare; and she murmured Xu Cheng’s name in her dream.

“Xu Cheng!” She suddenly opened her eyes and sat up from the hospital bed.

Satan saw through the surveillance that Xu Cheng had gone invisible again, and from his view, he could only see that Xu Cheng’s infrared image showed that he was sitting on the edge of the hospital bed.

The moment Lin Chuxue woke up, there was no one around the hospital bed.

“Xu Cheng! Don’t go, Xu Cheng!” Lin Chuxue cried out in a weakened and hoarse voice, she just had a nightmare that Xu Cheng had left her.

However, she didn’t see that Xu Cheng was actually sitting beside her, and his eyes were red and as tears rolled down his face.

He reached over his hand and stopped less than three centimeters away from Lin Chuxue’s smooth complexion, he wanted to touch her but he didn’t dare!

This scene of not being able to see each other when they were at such a close distance made Xu Cheng remember when he went to see his mother.

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