Chapter 723: I’m afraid time won’t make it fade away (Part One)

Sorry, the number you have dialed is not available.


Lin Chuxue kept calling both Xu Cheng’s domestic and international numbers.

All of them were not in service or not available.

Lin Chuxue hurriedly went to Auntie Lan’s villa where she and Xu Cheng previously stayed over.

Lights were on inside.

“Xu Cheng,” she shouted.

The maid ran out, saw her, and said in surprise, “Madam, you are back?”

“Where is Xu Cheng?” Lin Chuxue asked in a hurry.

“Master didn’t come back yet, didn’t he go abroad with you?”

Lin Chuxue gritted her teeth as she turned around and ran out of the villa.

She called Ye Xiu’s number.

“Have you seen Xu Cheng?”

“Did Big Brother Xu return to Huaxia?” Ye Xiu had no idea.

Lin Chuxue said anxiously, “Ye Xiu, don’t joke around, okay? I have something to tell him; it’s very urgent, very, very urgent. I can’t get through to him on the phone, and his international number’s not working either. I don’t know what happened, but I woke up and I felt like something had happened. Do you know anything? Is something wrong with him? Tell me, how is he? Where is he now?”

Ye Xiu: “Sister-in-law, calm down first. Tell me what’s wrong?”

“Xu Cheng is missing, and now I don’t know how to find him all of a sudden. I want to see him, I really want to and I’m worried that something has happened to him.” Lin Chuxue cried on the phone, “I tried to call Lin Dong but I couldn’t get through to him either.”

She told Ye Xiu about the incident, and after a moment of silence, Ye Xiu said anxiously, “Sister-in-law, don’t worry. I’ll ask my friend who studies abroad to help you find out if Big Brother Cheng is still there.”

“Ye Xiu, you have to help me find him,” Lin Chuxue said urgently.

“Sister-in-law, don’t worry, I’ll tell you if I hear anything from Big Brother Cheng right away.” After Ye Xiu said that, Lin Chuxue hung up the phone and immediately called Aunt Lan again.

Aunt Lan was even more anxious than her on the other end, and she used all the connections she could to help.

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