Chapter 724: Graveyard (Part One)

Lin Chuxue phoned Aunt Lan to ask Zhou Zhen to find a way to get her passport asap.

She wanted to leave the country!

She was going to head to the M Nation to find Xu Cheng, and if he wasn’t there, then she would go find Stenson. It seemed to her that everyone was avoiding her and hiding something from her.

Auntie Lan was very efficient, and after she got her passport, she put on her sunglasses and headed to the airport alone.

Meanwhile Lin Dong, who had been instructed by his master, could not let her leave the country and fall into enemy hands.

He intercepted Lin Chuxue at the airport, but she also knew that he would come to stop her. She was very angry after she saw Lin Dong and said, “Aren’t you hiding? Then don’t come out at all, shut your phone as well! Let me leave, I want to know what’s going on.”

Lin Dong tugged on Lin Chuxue: “Madam, you know it’s dangerous out there, can you stop causing trouble?”

“Dangerous. I know it’s dangerous.” Lin Chuxue said, “Where is your master? Where is he? I’m going to look for him.”

“He’s still abroad.” Lin Dong said, “He won’t be back for a while.”

Lin Chuxue stared at Lin Dong for a while and asked, “Who saved me? In that situation, could modern medicine have saved me?”

“No they can’t,” Lin Dong said bluntly, “But Mandala can, and Master said to tell you not to do any dangerous things in the future. After you committed suicide, it was no less than the sky falling for Master.”

Lin Chuxue said, “Call him, I want to make sure if he’s okay. Tell him that since I’m fine, come back to Huaxia, don’t trade their lives for his own. Those people are very powerful, and I’m worried that Xu Cheng is no match for them.”

“Don’t worry, Madam, don’t you know Master well? He’s always been very reliable,” Lin Dong said.

Lin Chuxue suddenly realized something. “Wait, then why are you stopping me from leaving the country? I’m going to find him.”

“Madam, you won’t be able to help him even if you go.” Lin Dong tried to convince her.

Lin Chuxue definitely knew that she couldn’t help much, but she just wanted to know if Xu Cheng was alright or not. She had a very bad feeling in her heart and she felt that something must have happened to Xu Cheng.

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