Chapter 725: Suspicious (Part One)

Lin Chuxue’s health wasn’t in a great condition, but she still stayed in the cemetery looking at Xu Cheng’s tombstone after dark.

“Madam, let’s go back.” Lin Dong couldn’t bear the scene and wanted her to go back.

But Lin Chuxue was so stubborn that he couldn’t even pull her away.

She suddenly looked at the contents of Xu Cheng’s tombstone and said self-contentedly, “I don’t believe that you’re dead, you can’t possibly not write my name in the relatives section.”

She subconsciously said to Lin Dong, “Little Dong, bring me a spade. I want to see if your master is indeed buried here.”

Lin Dong was speechless.

His Madam seemed like she was bewitched.

“Madam, we have to show respect to the deceased, please think twice.” He patted on Lin Chuxue’s shoulder.

“How can I not know that?” Lin Chuxue kneeled upon the steps looking lost, and she couldn’t help but to cry out loud. “I just don’t think Xu Cheng will die like this, so you must be lying to me. You are afraid that I will go abroad to find him and distract him, so you made up this lie to deceive me, right? You just told me that he’s got something unfinished business abroad. I’ll wait for him, I’ll wait for him…”

She gritted her teeth. “For a lifetime!”

From afar, Xu Cheng’s eyes were moist as he decided in his heart, Little Xue, I will find a way to cure myself and return to you!

“I didn’t think you were smart for marrying her before, but now it seems like you were to have such a brilliant woman willing to do all of this for you. If you recover in the future, you must give her happiness!” Bei Shan said in a low voice.

“The more she’s like this, the more the heart hurts, doesn’t it?” Xu Cheng sighed, “What should I do? I’m almost losing my ground, but I also don’t want her to see me like this. She would feel guilty for the rest of her life if she knew I had to live my life like this because of her, and that would hurt her more than accepting my death.”

“Don’t ask me. I’m a relationship idiot, but if it were me, I think I’d stay with her in a different way,” Bei Shan said as he patted him on the shoulder and left the cemetery.

– At night –

After Lin Chuxue stopped crying, she laid down in front of Xu Cheng’s tombstone as she suddenly said to Lin Dong, “Do you have a knife?”

“What do you want to do, Madam?” Lin Dong was afraid that she would commit suicide and was a little wary of her question.

“I won’t commit suicide.” Lin Chuxue saw through Lin Dong’s thoughts and said mockingly, “This is Xu Cheng’s punishment for me, I will live through it. If you have a knife, give it to me. There should be an end to the beginning.”

Lin Dong did not usually carry a knife with him.

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