Chapter 726: I’ll surprise you because I am not who I was before (Part One)

Her question broke all the lies Lin Dong was trying to make!

Indeed, if Lin Chuxue could be saved after a bullet shot through her head, then what kind of death could Xu Cheng have had from which he couldn’t be saved?

Lin Dong did not think Madam could think of this.

He led himself into a dead end.

Now he was in a dilemma.

He looked at Lin Chuxue who was staring at him, and he wanted to say something but he couldn’t.

“Xu Cheng isn’t dead yet, right?” Lin Chuxue finally had some glimmer of hope on her face. “Since you can save me, you must be able to save him as well. You said it before that he is still abroad and hasn’t returned yet, so he must still be in treatment right?”

Lin Dong was stunned for a moment.

It seemed like this explanation wasn’t so bad.

“But Madam you can’t leave. They will try to use you again if you leave and I’m afraid no one would be able to save you this time,” Lin Dong said.

Lin Chuxue immediately sighed with relief: “As long as he’s not dead, it’s all good. So is he seriously injured?”

Lin Dong nodded. “Quite serious, and it’s not as simple as your injury Madam. You only had injury to your head but Master’s whole body was injured and I’m afraid the treatment will take a long time.”

“It’s okay, I will wait for him to come back.” Lin Chuxue’s face showed a long-lost smile, she felt that nothing could make her happier than knowing that Xu Cheng was still alive.

Lin Dong wanted to tell her that Master’s disease might be incurable for a lifetime.

He was ready to speak, but his arm was pulled by Xu Cheng again.

Just let her think that and give her a little hope to live on. Xu Cheng thought that as he felt a bit lighter in his heart. There was finally some hope on Lin Chuxue’s face and Xu Cheng secretly swore that he must find a way to cure himself as soon as possible. Otherwise, she would go find him if this went on any longer.

Xu Cheng left.

Lin Chuxue was finally willing to go back and accepted the fact that Xu Cheng was not around.

A week later, Lin Dong found Xu Cheng and told him about Lin Chuxue.

“Madam said she wanted to do charity, and she would not accept the inheritance and the company you left her for the time being. She decided to go ahead and take the money to do something meaningful, as a sort of a prayer for you. This time, she wanted to personally go to poverty stricken areas to help them.” Lin Dong sighed out of relief and said, “This way, Madam can also take a break and relax a bit.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Then I’m relieved.”

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