Chapter 728: There is a big project (Part One)

Xu Cheng had a special document that allowed him to wear a mask on any domestic flights, which was quite exceptional.

He came back to Huaxia mainly because he wanted to be able to see Lin Chuxue from time to time.

Lin Chuxue had gone to do charity, but she would eventually return, and Xu Cheng knew that since she said she was going to wait for him, then she would be waiting at home.

Xu Cheng wanted to purchase the villa next to their villa gifted by Auntie Lan, so that he could see Lin Chuxue every day from a close distance.

But the owner of the villa next door did not seem to be too short of money and had no intention in selling it.

Lin Dong knew that his master was interested in this villa, but he wouldn’t force others to sell it either, so Lin Dong decided that he should do something for Xu Cheng.

It was time to use his social networks.

He didn’t know the owner of the villa, but after he inquired whose house it was, he invited a real estate boss for dinner.

In one of Shangcheng’s largest luxurious nightclubs.

Lin Dong was dressed in a casual suit with an omega watch on his wrist, and he had beautiful ladies beside him serving him drinks.

As soon as the real estate boss of the villa entered, he saw that Lin Dong had prepared wine and champagne worth tens of thousands of dollars on the table and was accompanied by two beautiful ladies. He entered and smiled. “Oh President Lin, I’m flattered that you invited me to drink and sing, I have heard that you refused the dinner invitations of half of the successful businessmen in Shangcheng. You’re the god of wealth and it’s really not easy to invite you. It’s quite inappropriate that I’m the one being invited tonight, so let this dinner be on me. President Lin, you don’t have to be polite with me.”

“I don’t?” Lin Dong asked with a smile.

“Of course. If there’s any project in S city in the future, just say it and we could all work on it together.”

Lin Dong unscrewed the bottle of wine, and the two beautiful ladies poured into the wing glasses.

Lin Dong lifted the wine glass and cheered with the real estate boss as he said, “President Wu, in fact, today will have to be on my treat because I have a favor to ask you.”

“President Lin, just tell me what you want, and this meal is on me! You have asked and I have also drank this wine, how can I not help? Tell me.” President Wu was very hospitable.

“Alright, then this meal is on you! Then there’s this one more thing, and if you do it well, I won’t treat you unfairly!” Lin Dong smacked his lips and said, “Here’s the thing, is your company the one who owns Jade Kylin Garden Villa?”

“Yes.” President Wu nodded. “President Lin is interested in real estate?”

“The waters there are too deep, and I don’t want to get wet. I just want you to do me a favor and get to know the owner of Villa 99, the one next door to Villa 88. I want to buy this villa and gift it to one of my elders,” Lin Dong said.

“Villa 99? That seems to be President Zheng’s villa.” President Wu’s eyes brightened when he heard Lin Dong promise that he won’t be treated unfairly, and he leaned over and laughed. “He does plan to invest in that property and not sell it, but since you asked for it, how about this? I’ll call him over and let’s all have a drink?”

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