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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 73

Chapter 73: All with Different Thoughts

Lin Chuxue no longer cared about whether other people knew about her relationship with Xu Cheng. She directly pushed away the police blocking the way, ran past the fences and came to Xu Cheng, shouting anxiously, “Xu Cheng! Xu Cheng!”

Ran Jing and the others immediately ran over and took a look at the dagger left inside Xu Cheng’s abdomen area, seeing that it was still bleeding. She immediately shouted towards the ambulance outside, “Doctor!”

The doctors and others immediately rushed over and put Xu Cheng on the stretcher. Lin Chuxue tightly grabbed onto Xu Cheng’s hand and refused to let go.

“Please let go, we need to take him to the hospital.”

“I’m going to.” Lin Chuxue refused.

Ran Jing gave a look to the medical staff, and they had no choice but to let her get onto the ambulance as well.

Lin Chuxue looked at Xu Cheng’s face that was as pale as a piece of paper and thought back to how domineering he was just now. She tightly held onto Xu Cheng’s hand and sighed, “Xu Cheng, you changed.”

A faint smile appeared on her face. It was a gratifying smile. “You no longer have an inferiority complex and became more like a man. Did you know that I’ve waited for this day for a long time? I always believed and also looked forward to the day when you can become confident and announce to the whole world that I’m your wife! Today’s a good start, I will wait for you. I will wait for the day when you realize that you are brilliant enough to give me a lifetime of happiness, and then face our marriage like how domineering you were just now.”

Her cold and indifferent attitude towards Xu Cheng was all because Xu Cheng declined her father’s proposal that night five years ago for them to get married. She was just too pissed off. How could Xu Cheng not tell that she had liked him since their childhood? She was mad that Xu Cheng was trying to escape like a coward. Ever since he lost his father when he was in junior high, he became silent and unconfident.

Her father told her that it might be because of the incident with Xu Cheng’s mother that he became a bit repulsed by and distrustful towards women, and that was why he resisted marriage. If Lin Chuxue didn’t love Xu Cheng, she obviously wouldn’t accept her father’s decision to marry her to Xu Cheng. The reason she was acting so cold and indifferent towards Xu Cheng after marriage was because Xu Cheng had really hurt her heart. He was fixated on what he thought was best for her, and he didn’t even touch her. He wanted to keep the distance so Lin Chuxue could find a man that could make her happy, and he completely forgot to consider her feelings. The more he acted that way, the angrier Lin Chuxue got. She deliberately joined the entertainment circle to test Xu Cheng and see if he cared, but who would’ve thought that Xu Cheng could really not react at all.

Over time, Lin Chuxue’s temper and attitude for life became dull, and she developed the present personality of not being interested in anything.

She also thought about forgetting this relationship. But, ever since that night Xu Cheng got drunk and someone called her using his phone, her life that was calm like a lake saw ripples as if a stone had been cast into the water. With the waves in her life, she knew that she just couldn’t leave it all behind.

Especially right now, her heart was all twisted seeing Xu Cheng this badly injured.

Perhaps it was the thoughts in her mind traveling back to the sweet childhood they had spent together that she didn’t realize that her phone had been ringing for awhile.

The nurse couldn’t help but remind her, “Miss, your phone’s ringing.”

Lin Chuxue took out her phone. It was a call from her little brother, Lin Lei.


“Sis, Dad has a big knife on my neck right now, you go and talk to him now.” Lin Lei didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry as he passed the phone to Lin Guiren.

On the other end, a refined and deep voice sounded. “Hey, what medicine are you trying to sell in your gourd?” (TL note: it’s a Chinese idiom that meant what are you planning)

“Dad?” Lin Chuxue bitterly smiled. Originally, they planned to go over right after the match. But now, Xu Cheng was unconscious, and she had no choice but to come clean. She sighed and answered, “Something happened to Xu Cheng.”

“Where are you guys?” asked the anxious voice on the phone.

Lin Chuxue: “On the way to People’s Hospital.”

The other end of the phone immediately hung up.

After the ambulance got to the hospital, Xu Cheng was carried into the emergency room, and Lin Chuxue waited outside. Not long after, Shen Yao and Ran Jing also came, and they sat on the bench outside and waited anxiously.

Wang Ying came over too, and she saw the three extremely beautiful girls waiting outside. She didn’t know who they were to Xu Cheng, but she was incredibly shocked that there were three girls this beautiful around Xu Cheng.

Although Lin Chuxue was in sunglasses, it still couldn’t conceal her golden body proportions and her delicate and perfect face contours. If she took off her glasses and revealed her sea blue eyes, she could tug the heartstrings of any man.

Shen Yao sat beside Lin Chuxue and wasn’t walking. When she subconsciously turned around and saw her girlfriend, she had a curious question that she wanted to ask her, but the timing wasn’t appropriate. So, did Lin Chuxue and Xu Cheng know each other? Why was she so nervous just now?

Ran Jing was also thinking about the same thing.

Lin Chuxue was also thinking about how to cover up the truth and explain why she was acting so nervous earlier.

However, when they saw Wang Ying also waiting by the hall, they were all shocked. All these women had different thoughts in their mind.

Ran Jing was just waiting here because Xu Cheng was her friend; Shen Yao basically had a crush on him now, so that was why she was waiting; Lin Chuxue was waiting because she was Xu Cheng’s wife and she loved him; Wang Ying was concerned for Xu Cheng’s injury and was here to get updates to report back to her supervisor. However, when four women were together waiting for one man, any girl’s thoughts would begin to run wild.

And when the attending doctor came out to ask for a signature from a family member, a very funny scene appeared.

“The patient needs blood, can the family member please sign this and go to the front desk to take care the rest of the procedures?”

And then, four of them all stood up at the same time. And then, they all paused.

Lin Chuxue hesitated for a second because Shen Yao was looking at her with those inquiring eyes. She gritted her teeth and sat back down. Ran Jing said to Shen Yao, “You should go sign. Did you bring money?”

Shen Yao nodded, and then she went over to the front desk and worked on the forms and paid the bills.

Lin Chuxue asked the doctor, “How is he?”

“His life isn’t in danger, but there’s too much blood loss and he still needs to be hospitalized for a few days.”

The three of them at the scene immediately let out a sigh a relief. Lin Chuxue immediately thanked the doctor.

When Lin Lei came over with their parents, he immediately went to the reception and asked, “Which room is the patient Xu Cheng in?”

At that moment, Shen Yao, who was just paying the bills, was surprised as she turned her head to look, seeing a handsome mix-blood young boy.

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  1. I want the two of them to just find out the truth at this point.

  2. Nicole Somera

    Lol, I can’t wait for when SY and the rest of the group find out the relationship between XC and LCX.?

  3. oKrBn

    Wow selfish, he has a clan to go against to complete his father’s wishes. He’s hot no time for you and why wouldn’t he feel unworthy of you

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