Chapter 730: Seeing Ran Jing again (Part One)

Xu Cheng said, “When each of you can be on your own in the future, then I would no longer have to worry about you guys. I won’t have done you guys wrong, but right now, the Deviant Corp isn’t strong enough, so I will do what I can for you guys. Nobody knows what will happen in the future, and maybe one day, I will suddenly die a violent death in an accident. So while I am still alive, I will pave the way for you guys.”

Lin Dong: “Master, you do not owe us anything.”

“But it’s me who turned you guys into this, so I have to at least let you guys live better in this world to feel at ease.” Xu Cheng patted Lin Dong’s shoulder. “Alright, in the future don’t come to me if there’s nothing big going on. If Chuxue sees you here, she will become suspicious of my identity.”

Lin Dong nodded. “I’m definitely not that stupid.”

“By the way.” Xu Cheng thought of a problem as he instructed Lin Dong. “You need to keep an eye on Chuxue, if she catches a cold and heads to the hospital, the normal drip is not a problem, but either stop her if they want to do a blood test or find a way to keep them from knowing her genetic differences. Or else she will become suspicious of how she was saved.”

“I really did not think of this point.” Lin Dong nodded. “I’ll keep an eye on that in the future. Oh right Master, will you be living in Shangcheng for now?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Once I finish what I have to, then I’ll pull myself out of these deep waters. It won’t be good for Shangcheng if we linger here too long.”

Lin Dong smiled. “Is the legendary Tiger Police going to reappear?”

Xu Cheng kicked him out of the door.

Shangcheng was a cosmopolitan city full of foreign enterprises from around the world, and among them, there were also many Wei Nation enterprises. Xu Cheng wanted to find those members of the Capital Society from within them, because they were probably the mainstay of the society, using their social status to attend various high-class parties and were responsible for convincing businessmen with status to join the Capital Society. The requirements to enter the Asia division of the Capital Society must be low because they would want to stand firm first, and they would get whoever they can if they have some sort of use.

What Xu Cheng wanted to do was to cut these small connections from entering Huaxia.

He was now completely on the opposite side of the Capital Society, and there was no room for reconciliation. This was the third life goal that Xu Cheng had set for himself.

The first one was to find the Ye Family and get justice for his father! He had accomplished that.

The second one was to be with Lin Chuxue for the rest of his life.

Now the third, was to overthrow the Capital Society!

As for why he wanted to overthrow them, it was because this organization has become a serious threat to his second goal!

If there was no Capital Society, perhaps he and Lin Chuxue would have been fine, but now they were stuck in their current situation: so close to each other yet too far to reach. This kind of pain was difficult to heal even if he destroyed the Capital Society.

So, since Xu Cheng had returned to the country, and as a member of the Dragon Division, he would not tolerate the Capital Society trying to infiltrate this country. If you reach one hand towards us, then I’ll break it off! If you reach both hands, then I’ll break a pair!

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